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Individual Case Study: Tyco

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  • Pages 2
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    1. Describe how the turnaround team may have used Gerard and Teurf’s transformation skills to overcome the frustrations of employees. The turnaround team utilization of the Gerard and Teurf’s transformation skills would have enabled them to listen to their employees more, created a more productive dialogue and community building for change. The skills involve will produce an open atmosphere of trust, disclose misinterpretation, enable listening and emerge new perception.

    2. Tyco used vignettes to communicate changes in ethical behavior. Write a vignette that could be used by Tyco to assist in overcoming the cultural change barriers that companies like Tyco faced. What international issues might need to be taken into account in writing these vignettes? The employees at Tyco dealt with ethical and conduct issues. Mr. Breen seeks to help bring Tyco back to the top of their industry. Former CEO Dennis Kozlowski the former CEO of Tyco and his associates were found guilty of fraud, conspiracy and grand larceny.

    The staff morale at Tyco was extremely low. prior to the arrival of the new CEO Mr. Breen. Mr. Breen’s first initial task was to communicate effectively and implement change. Mr. Breen stressed the importance of employees following the ethical guidelines. The international issues Tyco face would be the 26 different languages spoken at Tyco. 3. Using Ford and Ford’s four types of change conversations, describe how Tyco would go through the process of communicating change to its staff.

    Ford and Ford four types of change conversations do not view communication as a tool for producing intentional organizational change. They draw upon the speech act theory to argue that change can be through of as occurring through four types of change conversations. Tyco would begin with an assertion, such as “We have to gain financial control of the organization”. They may then complete a request, such as “Is it possible to restructure the business and achieve greater financial success”?

    The next step would be to make a declaration, “We are going to increase profits”. Then they would have conversations for understanding. This would enable employees to gain a sense of appreciation from the organization. Ford and Ford do however, recognize that not all change conversations are linear; steps may be omitted or skipped along the way. 6. What issues emerge in this case in terms of communicating change with the outside world? Mr. Breen was very uncertain about the changes that occurred at Tyco before he took over as CEO. The credibility gain more interest when Tyco decided to put more emphasis with reinforcing the organization practices. Tyco law settlements were very high but the CEO decide that he would break up the organization in order same his company. He wanted to bring a positive change to the organization, instead of what Dennis Kozlowski cost the organization in the past.

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