Individual Case Assignment Written Report JCpenney

J.C. Penny’s original brand position and key business-level strategies:

  • brands overview. At jcpenney, what matters to our customers, matters to us. That’s why we offer the most desired brands in retail — brands developed with the unique needs and aspirations of our customers in mind. Spanning family apparel, home furnishings, fine jewelry, footwear, accessories and beauty, customers
    can choose from an array of merchandise available across our three integrated shopping channels: stores, and catalog.
  • brand strategy. jcpenney provides customers with style and quality at a compelling price, offering an array of good/better/best merchandise balanced by national, private and exclusive brands. Together, our private brands — which are designed, developed and sourced in-house — and exclusive brands account for approximately 50 percent of our annual sales. To ensure we continue to offer our customers merchandise that inspires, we’re focused on offering merchandise that reflects the full range of our customers’ lifestyle preferences through a lifestyle merchandising initiative targeted to four lifestyles: conservative, traditional, modern and contemporary.
  • brand families. Today’s consumer is more fashion savvy than ever. But they don’t have to buy costly pieces, over spend, or live in New York, LA, or Paris to dress in the latest styles or to buy the top brands. At jcpenney we believe that great style doesn’t have to be expensive. That’s why we’re leveraging our superior trend, design, product development and sourcing capabilities; partnering with the top names in fashion; and providing an exciting shopping experience and superior service to deliver style inspiration to our customers every day.
  • jcpenney brand innovation. Some think of jcpenney as just a store, a retailer. But we’re much more. jcpenney is one of the most innovative fashion industry leaders. We create and produce many of the items you see in our stores, using some of the best designers, both inside and outside our company.

Findmore Fixture

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One of our most innovative digital experiences is our in-store findmore smart fixture. findmore is a large electronic touch screen kiosk where shoppers can discover more products or more about the products they’re looking for. They can even place orders for product or other sizes and colors right on the findmore screen. “Fun,” “Easy to use, “ and Saved me time from going home or looking online” are just some of the customer comments we’ve received on the findmore fixture.

Marketing Optimization

One of the biggest expenditures that any retailer makes is marketing. We spend literally millions of dollars every year to attract and educate potential shoppers. “I know I waste half of my advertising dollars…I just wish I knew which half.” Henry Proctor Today we know a LOT more about the effectiveness of our advertising and marketing expenditures and we’re seeing the results. We’re measuring our marketing in ever-greater detail. And we’re targeting our marketing at both traditional markets as well as increasing our messaging to increasingly local, minority, and emerging demographics. And we’re marketing online and in new digital and social media.

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