Individual Assignment Case Study Copy

De Ia Vega, what would you do at this point? Do you think De la Vega has waited too long to make a substantial change in his relationship with Bustard? Why? If I was De la Vega, I will take the initiative to discuss and clarify with De la Vega about my role and responsibility and set the clear boundaries between the role as a CEO and as a COO. I think De la Vega has waited too long to make a substantial change in his relationship with Bustard. He has been 1 year into the job but he is still not clear on his own duties and the expectation hat Bustard and the board members on his role as the COO.

Leadership and fellowship are closely intertwined. For any organization to succeed, there must be people who willingly and effectively follow just as there must be those who willingly and effectively to lead. It is up to followers to be clear about the value they place on consultation and participation. Although leaders do not need to solicit widespread input on every decision they make, but it is respectful and useful to solicit input from those who have responsibilities in the area that the decision will impact.

If De la Vega are to be responsible to oversee day-to- day operations, he has the right to be consulted on decisions related to the day-to-day operations. De la Vega should has ask for explicit agreements on the point when accepting the position. De la Vega should have negotiate with Bustard when he start felled that he was not appropriately consulted. He should negotiate with Bustard on the principle for future action and the principle that established will not simply be a bilateral agreement between both of them, but a commitment to include all key players who will be impacted by a decision.

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