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The success of a team project depends on the individual contributions of each team member. When students are properly structured and contribute 100 percent, it is an effective method of developing skills and sharpening existing ones. In this paper, the author evaluates their individual contribution to a team project and identifies areas where additional training and more opportunities to practice would be helpful. The author’s contribution to the project included encouraging brainstorming, providing ideas and inputs, guiding team members on specific tasks, and demonstrating strong leadership skills. The team’s effectiveness is reflected in their learning team grades, which have been perfect for the first three assignments. The author appreciates the diverse settings of the teams and has learned a lot from their team mates. The success of any work team depends on each member being respectful, responsible, and willing to participate. Team leaders must promote positive attitudes and pride in being part of the group, and mutual respect for others’ opinions, values, and standards is essential for teamwork.

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Each individual in a team have their own strengths and weaknesses. When learning teams are properly structured and everyone is contributing 100 percent, it can be an effective method of developing skills and sharpening existing ones. Within this paper, I will summarize my individual contribution to the team project and evaluate the effectiveness of my contribution to the success of the team project.

Additionally, I will identify the areas where I believe additional training and more opportunities to practice would be helpful. My contribution helped make the team project a success.I encouraged team members to brainstorm and I provided ideas and inputs for the assignments. I spend a considerable amount of time guiding other team members on specific tasks of the project, concerning my area of expertise, to assist the team in reaching project goals.

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I demonstrated strong leadership skills throughout the project, in multiple project areas. In week two, I volunteered to be the team leader. As the team leader, I assigned each team member a portion of the assignment to accomplish, pulled together everyones inputs, proofed the paper for grammar, punctuation, and formatting errors, posted the proofed paper for review and team members approval, and posted the finished product to the assignments-write-only folder.The effectiveness of my contribution and my team mates has shown in our learning team grades.

Our grades for the first three assignments have been a perfect score. As far as areas where additional training and more opportunities to practice would be helpful, I do not see any. Overall, I think University of Phoenix does a great job in laying out the requirement for the team projects.Additionally, I like the diverse settings of the teams.

I have learned so much from my team mates. When starting my studies at UoP, in the beginning, I really did not enjoy the team concept because in some classes not everyone was giving 100 percent of themselves to the team assignments. However, toward the end the teams seem to be more cohesive and working toward a common goal graduation and their Bachelors degree. I have learned the success of any work team is dependent on each of its members.

Each member must be respectful of other members and the group as a whole.Team members must also be responsible and willing participants within the group. Team leaders must lead in a manner that promotes positive attitudes and pride of being part of the group. The most important factor in teamwork is the mutual respect of others opinions, values, and standards.

Everyone holds distinct values and standards. The standards for each team member to follow should be patience, open-mindedness, and gentleness. These standards and values are not ways of criticizing others, or judging them. All values and standards are useful in a diverse society.

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