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The contribution of a visitor attraction to the popularity



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    D1 Evaluate the contribution of a visitor attraction to the popularity and appeal of a destination or area In this report, I am going to evaluate the contribution of Bullring to the popularity and appeal of Birmingham and surrounding area.

    The Bullring is a major shopping and leisure area, an important attraction of Birmingham, which located in city centre. It attracts many different types of visitors to the city and surrounding areas.

    According to the Bullring fact sheets, with its £500 million transformation completed in 2003, this leading retail venue has transformed Birmingham and redefined it as a world class shopping destination. Housing one of only 4 Selfridges department stores, the fourth largest Debenhams, the first Forever 21 store in Europe, over 150 new shops, cafés and restaurants, 3,000 car parking spaces, and newly created open spaces.

    Bullring –facilities & interpretation techniques

    Bullring’s iconic design and architectural innovation is one of the main reasons that motivate visitors. However, it is not just Bullring’s famous architecture & construction that has made it so successful and appealing. Bullring’s products and services and interpretation techniques are the most advanced and suitable for a shopping centre environment. Despite the customer service assistants are located at the customer service desk, the CCTV operates 24/7 and there are car park patrols to ensure every visitor’s safety. For Parent, baby changing facilities are provided within toilet rest areas and also selected stores. There are also shopper lockers situated on the Lower Mall and Middle Mall.

    All Bullrings’ shoppers can experience 29 freestanding in-mall electronic touch screens kiosks (Figure 1). These kiosks are connected with all the retailers’ computers with Bullring’s advanced technique network ‘e- factor’. With these, customer can get information about shops and the Bullring itself, about the latest promotional offers, job opportunities, train times and road traffic updates. Facilities are provided for shoppers to check their bank accounts and, in future, they will also be able to purchase cinema and train ticket. Bullring – interpretation techniques

    Screen FX has designed a flexible, targeted and contemporary medium for Bullring. This opens up a new channel of communication with consumers, impacts directly on consumer spending and reflects the needs of shoppers, retailers and advertisers. 31 screens are located on three different levels and positioned trategically in high footfall areas; including entrances, exits and central zones. The screens transmit content designed to enhance the environment and inform, engage and influence shoppers.

    The screen network is a powerful medium, which enables clients to: • Raise awareness and increase sales
    • Ensure maximum visibility
    • Benefit from flexibility and immediacy
    • Target by time, day and audience profile
    • Create high impact campaigns using multiple messages

    Bullring – popularity in region area & worldwide

    Bullring is now Birmingham’s most recognized city emblem, which has led to attract people not just live in Birmingham also regional areas such as Telford, Coventry and Stafford. The Picture 1 is from Bullring media brochure which shows the catchment of Birmingham and its surrounding. Based on the statistics from the Bullring media brochure, within the 60 minute drive time there are 7.2 million people, with 4.3 million of these within the 45 minute drive time. The total annual spend within our catchment area, on non-food product categories is 7.3 billion per annum.

    Consequently, the shopping centre has been huge success, attracting customers from all over the world, including New York. Based on average annual figures for city visits from 2005 to 2009, the statistics show that Birmingham receives 737,000 overnight-stay visits from overseas tourists a year.

    Birmingham’s tourist industry has been significant benefits from the success of Bullring, which hotel operators in the city reporting an increase in weekend trade. In the first 12months since Bullring opened hotel occupancy rates for weekend stays in the city overall rose by 8%. Over 8000 new jobs have been created within the Burring as a result of Bullring development.

    Since Bullring launch, its popularity has grown worldwide. Birmingham has risen from 13th to 3rd in the Experian UK retail destination rankings. Bullring is now officially one of the most visited shopping centres in the UK. Over 38.5 million visitors were recorded at Bullring last year alone continue to make Bullring one of the most visited destinations in the UK, and it continues to attract high quality national and international brands. Recent additions include style-leaders such as A|X Armani Exchange, DKNY Jeans, Kurt Geiger, Tommy Hilfiger and Ben Sherman.

    This has led to more restaurants, hotels being established, such as Radisson Blu was established in Birmingham in 2006. Besides, Bullring has generated even more popularity and awareness from some of top brands. Out of all the potential launch venues in the UK for Range Rover, this famous car brand chose Bullring as the platform for its customer launch of the new Range Rover Sport. Bullring was also selected as part of an international marketing campaign to endorse Johnnie Walker as new F1 team Mclaren sponsors.

    Bullring – Further Development & Big City Plan

    Regeneration around the Bull Ring continues. In December of 2011, the expansion of Bullring with the creation of 3 new restaurant units around St.Martins Church has finished. The 3 new restaurants have all been signed up to a tenant with Browns Bar and Brasserie and Chaobaby opening their first restaurants in Birmingham. In addition to the existing restaurants, this created a hub of 7 restaurants named Special Street (Picture 3.).

    In addition, the Bullring is a large part of the Big City Plan. The scheme is a major development plan for Birmingham was launched on 29 September 2010.

    The success of tourism in Birmingham has been a boost of expansion and development of Birmingham and surrounding areas. The main purpose of the plan will be expanding the size of city core as well as develop Birmingham surrounding areas. The plan is still undergoing and Birmingham will be expecting improved over the next 20 years, the city centre population will grow providing more than 5000 homes and 50,000 new jobs.


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