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Demographics: My audience will be made up of a small group of both males and females between the ages of 18-21. Each audience member is a student at Michigan State. Some may be from Michigan, while others are from out of state or international. I think my speech will be affected a little by my audience because some of the students are in a country that is foreign to them already. However, since they are here for school and my essay focuses on travel for leisure, don’t believe this will be a huge problem. My demographics are similar to my audience’s, so since the topic is interesting ND relevant to me, I believe my audience will feel the same.

B. Chirography’s: My audience consists of all college students, so their education background is similar. I think most of my audience will be attentive because they will be evaluating my speech. Since my audience is used to difficult course work, I think they will appreciate my speech about how to relax and enjoy vacations. C. Verbal Considerations: My speech use informal vernacular so my audience can relate more with it. Even though I am speaking to a relatively young audience, I will not be using any slang or profanity. Ant them to understand my instructions and not be distracted by use of profanity or words they don’t understand.

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I also want my audience to view me as a credible source for the information I deliver. D. Visual Considerations: In order to be effective and relatable, I will dress casually. Will not stand still the whole time, but instead move around and use natural hand gestures. Will maintain eye contact with the audience throughout my speech in order to create a connection with my audience. I will do all this in order to make my audience feel comfortable. Vocal Considerations: I will talk slowly and loud enough for my whole audience to hear and feel comfortable with. Ill make sure to articulate my words to avoid my audience misinterpreting me. When listing my steps, will accentuate my main points with brief pauses. Talk Cards Used for the Speech A. Talk Cards: will be using my friend, student, and teacher card in my essay. Believe using these cards will help me create a welcoming relatable speech while still effectively informing the audience. I want my audience to feel comfortable even if my speech could be considered a lecture because it is a “how-to. Think that my steps will be accepted more if I use the friend and student cards because the audience can relate to these.

B. Content: For my friend card, I will tell my audience of all the benefits of traveling. Will be very inclusive in my speech so they feel more connected to it. My student card will be used when I sympathize with the stress of college and the importance of taking a break. My teacher card is being used when I deliver my steps on how to enjoy a vacation. 14 Style: I will portray a high level of liking and friendliness throughout my speech because am talking to an audience of peers. Ill show little power over my audience because we are all about the same age and want them to feel like I am a friend of theirs.

I will stay relatively informal for these reasons as well. D. Audience: I think my audience will be playing their friend and student cards as well and will appreciate my attempt at delivering an easy going, inviting set of points. By playing these cards back, my audience will understand why this topic is important to them along with me. Outline Introduction A. Something is coming to MS. Something fun and exciting. It is different for very student, but it is recognized by a single widespread term, spring break. I think it is safe to assume that everyone in this room is looking forward to this time off.

Some of you may be traveling across the country or across the world, experiencing places that are completely new and foreign. And there are also others who will be going back to a familiar environment, a place traveled before, or, like me, going back home. B. No matter where you are going, I believe there are certain fundamentals of vacationing. I have gained a lot of insight through years of traveling I would like to tell you how to make he best out of any break you go on. C. How to enjoy a vacation: 1. It is important to leave school work behind, or at least contain it. 2. Ill explain why it is essential to balance activities while on vacation (how much time you spend resting vs.. How much time is spent out) 3. Lastly, during a vacation experience something new, whether it is people or places. Transition: Since spring break is coming up soon, we should prepare ourselves by learning the steps necessary to make it one of the best vacations ever. II. Body A. College is an overwhelmingly amount of work that stresses a lot of us out, o in order to fully enjoy time off, it’s important to leave the work behind-? or at least try to not make it the biggest part of the day. . Stress is never a good thing, in school or out Of it. I want to pull my hair out when I am spending whole days studying and cramming. There is no way I am going to spend my vacation like that and then return to school a well-rested student. In the online journal by Strauss in 2000, it explains that “Subjects who did not feel that their vacation was restorative did not show any improvements of well- being associated with vacation” (Strauss-Bleaches, 2000). . Work will be waiting when we come back to school no matter what. So I say enjoy the no homework while you can.

In the Journal of Travel Research, Nanjing writes that “When returned home, happiness is only significantly higher for those who had a very relaxed holiday experience” (Awing, 201 1). Transition: However, no school work doesn’t mean don’t do anything at all. B. Even though being lazy is nice and you should take advantage of that, it is also important to partake in activities that are fun and stress free. 1 . After a long time at school, being busy all the time with homework or social activities, it is easy to want to go home and stay in your bed the whole break.

But realistically, this isn’t going to make your vacation enjoyable. 2. On the other hand, being too busy will wear you out and not give you the break you need before jumping back into the craziness of college. Enjoy yourself, but make sure you have time to yourself too. Transition: In order to keep your break fun and balanced, you should try to incorporate something new and unfamiliar. C. Whether it is a certain activity, a place, or a person, experiencing something you haven’t before will make your trip even better. 1. In an article on CNN. Com, an interesting point is made.

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