The Head in Edward Nugent’s Hand

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In this written assignment I will write a synopsis for the first three chapters of the book The Head in Edward Nugent’s Hand. The first chapter was about Ossomocomuck. In 1584 Phillip Amadas, Arthur Barlowe, and other men’s reached the Outer Banks. The Indians did not consider their land as the new world and English travelers enter an environment ruled as a prevailed. The Carolina Outer Banks was a world of water. Indians leaders show their high status through clothing, body orientation, and manner.

The Wingina’s discussed among themselves about the encounter of newcomers and the dramatic changes in Ossomocomuck. The Wingina’s people had their own creation myths that are passed on through generations. The Indians Pomeiooc houses were made of small poles and use mats that covered the house providing ventilation. The Algonquian warrior painted themselves for battles and their weapons were arrows. Englishmen could not understand that women’s worked was on the village and agriculture fields while men hunted and fought.

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The Wingina’s people had different death rituals according to the individuals ranking. The ritual was a reason to survive the world with spiritual power. The second chapter was about Granganimeo. The Indians did not how to approached newcomers because they did not know if there were enemies or allies. Europeans interest about the North America had grown remarkably. The leader of a small group of Jesuit missionaries was Don Luis. The Jesuits first interaction with the Indian was respectful but they were pushy, intolerant, and the priest depended on them for food.

Then Don Luis led his people to murder the priest and Menendez learned about what was going on. He came with help by attacking Don Luis people. In 1584 Sir Walter Ralegh was send by Queen Elizabeth I to search for any New World lands that was owned by Christians. They realize if they assist the Indians they could get them to compromise with the profit, empire, and Christianity. In 1586 Barlowe describe the arrival at the Roanoke. The Villalobos attack them and ate thirty-eight Englishmen. A few Indians saw newcomers as threats and acted aggressive to protect their community.

Algonquians had a different concept about the newcomers. So when they saw newcomers landing they send three Indians to observe them. Wingina’s scout interacted with the English. He reported back that the encounter with the English was friendly. He also reported that he had saw technology that he could not comprehend and a sustainable amount of weapons. Besides their strange language they exchanged gifts and hope for an alliance in the future. The third chapter was about Wingina. Ralegh’s adviser suggested that the expedition should contain a larger force.

Developed a plan for a two pronged assaulted. Algonquians view the activities of the Europeans and sent emissaries to learn about these allies and the strength of the people that came along with him. Two Indians men came along the journey were Manteo and Wanchese. Wanchese started notice the bad intention English had and need to informed the Wingina about the dangers of the newcomers. Manteo and Wanchase sailed along with Harriot, John, White, Lane, and Grenville. There was an accident as they sail. Grenville’s flagship was so burse that all the food that was on the ship spoiled.

This left them with food for only twenty days. Wanchese left and no Indians wanted to help Arundell to find him. Monteo started to want to act as newcomer. Amanda’s went back to Aquascogoc to demand for a silver cup he believes they stole but they did not know what he was talking about. This made him angry and decides to attack. The Indians heard about the attack and learned that the English had the ability to do enormous danger to anyone who offended them. The newcomers decided to take Indians back to America and believe they could improve their ways.

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