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Informative Speech on Sew-in Extensions

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Today I’m going to demonstrate to you how to effectively install a Sew-in weave, and create an illusion that it’s your real hair! A way that use when doing hair, to achieve the desired “natural” look. Things needed: Comb Scissors Braiding hair (optional) Curved or straight needle (your own preference) prefer curved Hair thread Extensions (weave) Edge control Flat iron Steps:

  • Step 1: Braid the hair in a pattern that will most effectively benefit your client. If the client wants any hair left out to achieve the more natural look, then you ill need to braid around their leave out.
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    This braiding pattern can be circular, straight back, or side to side.

  • Step 2: After braiding the hair, ask your client if they will be wearing their hair “up” most of the time or “down”. This will determine how you will sew your first track.
  • Step 3: Sew the track down in the desired way that the client will want to wear their hair, be sure that your stitches are secure and tight to avoid any slipping, or shifting of the track.

  • Step 4: After sewing down the first track, cut off the extra hair and begin sewing in the back from left to right. Continue this left to right pattern up far enough until you get to the drown area. Once you’re to the crown area, make sure that your stitches become precise and tight. This is the most important part of the sew-in. The top where the hair will meet and cover the weave, if done right, will give others the question in their head, “Is that her real hair? ” you want this part to also lay smooth.
  • Step 5: once all the braids are covered and you’ve achieved the clients desired needs, its time to style out the hair and blend.
  • Step 6: Style, and use Edge Control if that is your desire, and you’re DONE!

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Informative Speech on Sew-in Extensions. (2018, Mar 08). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/informative-speech-on-sew-in-extensions/

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