Informative Speech- Confidence

Have you ever seen or meet a person who held confidence and thought, this person knows what they’re doing and doesn’t seem to have any doubts? People with confidence tend to have a self-assurance mind set. In a Ted Talk with the speaker Brittney Packnet, “How to Build your confidence”, she explains how confidence is important in our lives. Confidence is important because helps you face obstacles, become a leader, and have healthy self-esteem and mind set.

In the ted talk, Brittney Packnet explains some examples of obstacles she or others have faced that could have or did have a good outcome because they held confidence. Many things especially today are going on in you own personal life or in the world and you have be willing to stand up for things you feel are wrong or these challenges will not be fixed (Sales, Oct.2018). Eventually when you do speak up, you’ll be more willing to each time. During times you are in a situation and you hold confidence you also think faster to make better choices and if things don’t turn out right it helps us try again. When your confident you are persistent on fixing situations or things you have set to achieve.

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A leader is a person, who usually holds confidence. Packnet talks about being a teacher and having her students build confidence was important to help them become leaders and not put them self’s down from the things they have been through. Leaders feel confidence to help others, you learn new skills to present more kindness. You also gain more friends because that

person you helped learn to trust you. A leader with confidence gets others to look up to them to (Brandt, Nov. 2019). The Act you show manifests the confidence you show and encourages others, and some may look up to you.

Having a healthy self esteem and mindset is important and confidence can help stimulate this. Brittney Packnet talks about how “without confidence it weighs you down” and keeps are self esteem low. Confidence can create less doubt when you need it. When you feel doubt you can become depressed and have anxiety, which isn’t good on your health. People with healthy self esteem look at themselves and a sense belonging and faith. You also, realize to that you are aren’t perfect and have things about you or in your life that wont change but you know how to work around it or with It(Richard, 2017, p.4). Having a healthy mindset can help your education, many kids who feel less self-worth do want to usually do anything which can pertain to do work in school.

In closing, Brittney Packnet message in the Ted talk of how confidence is important was very inspirational. People with Confidence tend to have positive mindsets and perceived to become more successful. They are leaders and can face many situations, also positive self-esteem. Its important for people push forward in life and not move backwards and with confidence you can achieve this.

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