Case Study Sew What Essay

The Role of information Technology in small Business Success 1) How do information technologies contribute to the business success of Sew What? Inc.? Give several examples from the case regarding the business value of information technology that demonstrate this conclusion. By using information technologies, Sew What? – a very small business started from a kitchen became popular around the globe . Information technology has been very important tool for its success about. If it had not been for information Technology Sew what?

Inc would have been limited in the kitchen.

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Case Study Sew What
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Here are some examples that justify the contribution of information technology to the business success of Sew what? Inc: * By the use of information technology, business earned the credibility and having more clients. When she launched her website people started noticing her firm and her business getting growth. * Information technology helped Since Sew what? Inc provides really good costumer experience through a very convenient way to its customers. Organization’s site in different languages helped the people speaking different languages around the world to know and understand the business which helped the business to grow worldwide.

* Website of organization contained the details of everything they did. * It was through Information Technology, Duckett come to know about the National Federation of Independent Small Business Award. * Sew what? Inc won several awards mostly because of use of information technology in convenient and effective way for the development of the business. Use of information technology has helped the organization to reduce the cost of operation. 2) If you were a management consultant to Sew What? Inc. , what would you advise Megan Duckett to do at this point to be even more successful in her business? What role would information technology play in your proposals? Provide several specific recommendations. Today Business is very competitive so all organizations should be ready to face challenges in order to survive and grow. Information technology keeps on changing so businesses organizations need to update .

As a management consultant of sew what? Inc I would advise following things to Megan Duckett to be even more successful: * At first, I would suggest her to increase her marketing workforce. Marketing is one of the vital aspects of today’s business organization. Marketing around the globe needs very well managed information and communication system which is possible only through effective use of information technology. * Customers’ feedback always plays a major role for business. So as for the more costumer oriented approach, they could start blogging.

This can help to learn more about people’s reaction and make the business more costumers friendly. * Social networking sites are very popular these days. So it would be profitable for the business if they start promoting it through social networking sites like facebook, Orkut, twitter etc. * I would suggest her to use information technology in every aspect from production to sales so that it would be easy to keep the record and control. It would also make the whole process more systematic and cost effective. 3. How could the use of information technology help a small business you know be more successful?

Provide several examples to support your answer. I think travel agency is an example which can benefit a lot from the use of information technology. Travel agency is one of the organizations whose success is totally based on the way it manages information. Here are some examples about how and where travel agency can use information technology to be more successful: * Developing informative and attractive website, travel agency can attract customers. Descriptive information about their service and facilities makes them more credible. Developing slides and movies of interesting places, culture and people. They can influence tourists to go for new destinations. * Through systematic record management software they can make things happen in time without delays. Ticketing, Hotel reservation etc can be managed properly through this so that tourists will never have problem about delays and inconvenience. * Travel agencies can store the information regarding their costumers so that they can know about their costumers and contact them in order to create further business opportunities.

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