Importance to Audience: Cyber-bullying effects

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Have you ever been teased, made fun of, of bullied over the internet? Do you know what Cyber-bullying is? Well hopefully after my speech you will know and understand what and how cyber-bullying affects us all. Purpose: To inform my audience what cyber-bullying is and how it affects us as a society. Importance to Audience: Cyber-bullying effects parents, children, schools and educators. It can result in suicide or students hurting other students.

Thesis Statement: Cyber-bullying is becoming an epidemic in our schools and has been the result of suicide among young teenage children round the world. Preview: I will be discussing what cyber-bullying is and the consequences of this. (Transition: TO Start Off I will discuss the key aspects Of cyber-bullying) Body 1 . First Main Point: Cyber-bullying is the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature. A.

Sub point: Cyber-bullying is different to traditional bullying in a number of key aspects. 1 . Anonymity: There are numerous social media sites that allow a person to remain anonymous while bullying another individual. 2. Geography: Cyber-bullying is not limited to the school yard, with cyber-bullying as long as a person has access to the internet or mobile phone they are capable of bullying another child. 3. Impact: By bullying a person over the internet it makes it to where the comments can hang around forever and it can be access by millions of people.

It is very hard to permanently delete bullying over the internet. 8. Sub point: There is two types of bullies. The victim and the bully or the “bully-victims. ” 1 . You have the typical bully that is content with causing pain and embarrassment to another child. This type of bully only dishes it out and does not get bullied. 2. Second you have the type that gets bullied him/herself but also bullies other children. They receive it and they give it out. (Transition: Next I will discuss ways to help stop cyber-bullying. II. Second Main Point: A. You can limit your child’s internet usage and monitor all activity on their mobile phone.

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