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In this video, viewers are educated on what shyness is, its causes, and how to overcome it. Shy individuals are typically perceived as anxious, hesitant, and alone in social situations. Shyness is associated with a sense of self, which includes excessive self-consciousness, negative self-evaluation, and preoccupation with negative thoughts. Shyness is not determined by genetics but rather social encounters and parental upbringing. Shy children experience approach/avoidance” conflict and may have parents who are overly involved or reject them. Western culture encourages openness and discourages self-withdrawal. Overcoming shyness is achievable through methods such as gradually exposing oneself to social situations, seeking professional help, and practicing self-affirmation.”

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In this video, will inform you on what shyness is, what are the causes of shyness, and how to overcome it. When asked to think of someone who is shy, we associate this person with someone who is by herself, who appears tense or anxious and hesitant is when they’re asked to turn to their neighbor and introduce himself. What is going on in his mind is a sense of self. A sense of self includes 3 components. 1 . Excessive self-consciousness- where she is aware of herself in the social situation. 2. She is experiencing excessive negative self- evaluation- where she only see herself in a negative light, 3. He is experiencing -excessive negative self-preoccupation- where she focuses on the negative things that she does, so things she does wrong. According to Dry. Bernard Cardiac, a professor on psychology, he says that a sense of self does not develop until we are 18 months old. Therefore we cannot say that we are born shy. So if shyness is not caused by genetics, then what causes it? Well, there are two reasons: 1 is social encounters and 2. Is parental upraising. Research show that a shy child is caught up in what is called “approach/ avoidance” conflict. He wants to socialize but he is constrained by his motivation to avoid.

Studies also reveal that shy people have parents who were overly involved in their lives, to a point where they become, insensitive and even intrusive to their kids lives. In some cases, parents behaved in a rejection sort of way toward their kids. In the Western culture, openness is encouraged, whereas self withdrawal is not and parents discourage this action by inflicting powers on their kids. This weakens their social self- efficacy, and a child develops isolation, loneliness and depression from alienation by their peers. Don’t be depressed by all these facts, I will inform you on ways to overcome shyness.

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