Intellectual Freedom and Independent Thought in Fahrenheit

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Two very important things, but yet, depending on the society, not so much. In Fahrenheit 451, the people in the society did not have much intellectual freedom. Independent thought is something that no one, no should ever be deprived of, and yet, in this society, they were. There were simple things that were taught and simple things that the society lived by. People could not think what they wanted to think, say what they wanted to say, read what they wanted to read, or believe what hey wanted to believe.

They thought, said, read, and believed what the government thought was okay to think, say, read, and believe. Think what you want to Think, Read what you want to Read, Say what you want to Say, Believe what you want to Believe. – Anonymous Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought. – Henry L. Ferguson Life was simple in the society. Think about what is happening in the society, but don’t think about it too hard. Think about it Just enough to where you know whether something good or bad happened. They could think about the future or what was going on at work. You couldn’t think about the past.

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There was no need for the past. They had no knowledge of the past. You couldn’t think about whether or not something was wrong or right other than the reason given by the government. There was no need to dig too deep into it. You couldn’t think about why. You couldn’t think about why things happened or why life went the way it did. There was nowhere near enough freedom to think what you want to think. Life is good in our society today. We can think about what is happening in life and we can think about it as much as we want. We can come up with our own minds about what we think happened.

We can listen to the government’s opinion, but we can also believe our own theories and our own conclusions. We can think about the past as much as we want to. We can think what books tell us and what our history teachers teach us and we can think whatever we want about it. We can think about whether we think similar things will like it will happen again or whether or not we think it was bad or good, wrong or right, necessary or unnecessary. We can think why as much as we want. It doesn’t affect the government if we think why like it would if we thought why in the FIEF society.

In the society of Fahrenheit 451, there is no time to think. The people almost never have time to think on their own. They are always plugged in or distracted with technology. That is a way that government keeps the people in the society from being able to have any intellectual freedom. They never have time to think on their own, and when they do, they have to think about other things, like work or what is going on that day. Nobody has the time to think why. They are either listening to their shells or watching the wall screens or the portable TV’s or reading the newspaper.

In our society, there is time to think. We make sure we have time to think on our own. We are plugged in, but we are not always plugged in. Yes we watch TV and listen to our I Pods an talk on our phones and listen to the radio, but we are not always doing that. We make sure we have our time to think what we want to think and nothing changes that. We have other things to think about and they do take up a lot of time but we make sure there is always at least 30 seconds in our day to think why. Even when we don’t mean to, we think why and nothing can change that.

We are privileged with independent thought, and that is something no one can live thou. Free speech is the whole thing, the whole ball game. Free speech is life itself. – Salmon Rushed Say what is okay to say, say what will not stir up any trouble or get people thinking. It is the same as thinking. You say what would be okay with the government to say. You say what would not put the government in a tight spot. You can talk with other people about what you are supposed to do or how work was or about work itself. There is not enough freedom in the world of talking and speech in this society.

In order to talk, you have to think, and you are only supposed to think bout certain things, the things that won’t get people thinking too deep, the things that won’t get the government in trouble. In our society, we have the privilege of Freedom of Speech and so we can think whatever we want to say. We can say things that will get the government in trouble or things that will make people think why. And whenever we do, we don’t get in trouble. We can talk about whether we like our president or not. We can talk about whether we like an assignment or not, whether we think this person or that person should win the election.

We can say whatever we ant to say. We say what we want to say and that is that. Closing books shuts out ideas. -Unknown In the society of FIEF, books are banned. Books make people cry and make people emotional and make people think why. Books are one of the worst things ever in their society. Books make people question things and make people think why. People can read the newspaper and can read files if they are privileged. People shouldn’t have to read about other people’s lives or about people who never existed or anything like that.

There is no need to read books because they are Just filled with nonsense that make people emotional or act weird and there Just isn’t any need for them. There is no freedom in the FIEF society to read what they want to read because there are only a select number of things that they can read. In today’s society, we can read whatever we want whenever we want however we want. We can read fantasy, mystery, biographies, thrillers, and anything else we want. We can read when we are laying in bed, we can read books on readers and nooks, or we can read the book itself. We can read the books paper back or hard back.

We can read them laying in bed or laying on the ground. We can read them hanging upside down or walking. We can read books in whatever way we please. We have the freedom to red what we want to read and nothing can take that away from With reading, we can think independently. Since the FIEF society did not have the privilege of reading, then they were deprived of that independent thinking. When you read, you think about the book and the story and why and how the things happened in the story. The people of FIEF society did not get to think in that way, unlike us. You don’t believe in what you want to believe in, then you don’t really believe. Anonymous Fess’s society has their people believing whatever the government wanted them to think. The government wanted them to think that books were horrible and that the books caused trouble and all. The government wanted them to think that firemen were supposed to burn houses instead of putting the fires out. Now of course there are always the rule breakers and the people who were intelligent enough to question things and so they believed what they wanted. They believed that books were something that was good, and not bad.

They believed what the books told them and thing could change that. Today, we believe whatever we want to believe. We believe what our own personal selves want to believe. We can believe what the governments wants us too, but we don’t have to. We have the freedom to believe whatever we want. We can believe whatever religion we want. We can believe in miracles or not. We can believe the Republican ways or Democratic ways. We can believe in hope or not. We can believe anything we want, and, nothing can take that freedom away from us. Independent thought and intellectual freedom is something that is essential in someone’s life.

Without independent thought, we are robots and zombies. The people in Fahrenheit 451 are robots and zombies. They are the government’s robots and our zombie’s. We have the privilege of having independent thought, so we are not zombies or robots and we never should be. Intellectual freedom is what makes people people. It is what makes humans human. Without it, we aren’t humans, and that meaner that we are Just like robots and zombies. Intellectual Freedom and Independent Thought are the same, but different. They make us who we are and without them we get the same results, zombies and robots.

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