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When I go to the mall, the sight of the beautiful expensive clothes, the sound of chatter all around me, the smell of popcorn as I walk by the movie theatre, feelings of excitement as I decide what store to go in first, and the taste of hot pizza fresh out of the oven is enough to stimulate all my five senses.

When I go to the mall I’m sure to arrive before the crowds of families and businessmen. The mall that I always choose to go to is very easy on the eyes. As I walk in the main entrance, I am astounded by the enchanting horse carousel. It has the most gorgeous paintings on it that I just can’t take my eyes off of it as I walk through the crowded food court with its hundreds of tables. As I walk through the top floor of the mall, my eyes can’t help but become fixed on the magnificent chandeliers. They appear to have so much power as they stare down at all the busy shoppers. I love to walk by the department stores and admire the beautifully displayed makeup and perfume counters. The bottom floor is decorated with more of a walk in the park look with green iron benches and small trees planted in the middle of the floor.

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I like to let my mind drift while at the mall, but that’s hard to do while having to listen to all the detracting noises. Usually around noon the chaos begins. I can’t help but hear conversation all around me. Beepers and cell phones are constantly ringing. I can overhear a teenage girl walking behind me, arguing with her mom about needing new shoes. I decide to try and focus my attention on the retched elevator music playing in the background, but become interrupted by the sound of a screaming baby. An announcement comes over the loudspeakers, ” Attention shoppers” and they announce that Macys’ is having a blowout sale. That’s valuable information for me. While walking by the music store, I see a suspicious looking young boy rushing out, setting off ear piercing alarms. I am almost knocked off my feet as security guards push through the crowds. One thing I absolutely love about the mall is all its different aromas. Of course, when walking through the food court my nose is triggered causing me slight hunger pains. Every time I go to the mall I make a stop at Bath ; Body Works. It’s wide assortment of fragrances could keep my attention for hours. I’m always sure to test out every scent in the store. As I walk by the gourmet coffee shop I can’t resist. I find that the scent of freshly brewed coffee is one of a kind. During the summer I may choose to get an iced coffee to cool myself off. The smell of the candle store often reels me in. The candles always smell amazing, but are often a little overpriced. I become a bit disgusted as I pass the leather store. The smell of dead cows grosses me out completely. The strong smell of popcorn almost convinces me to watch a movie as I walk by the cinemas. There’s always a bunch of excitement in choosing what stores to go in.I always tend to go in the stores with the best bargains. My hair gets blown into a huge mess as I walk under the big fan. After visiting any more than five stores I begin to feel tired and aggravated, especially if I can’t find anything that I’m shopping for. Some days are good shopping days and some days are not.

It’s hard for me to choose what to eat when I go to the mall. Usually I go for pizza. It’s cheap, but exceptionally delicious. I never realize how good pizza is until I’m actually eating it. As I walk to get my pizza, I’m stopped by a man at the Chinese food counter. He gave me a free sample of sesame chicken. It was tasty, but not tasty enough. I purchase my pizza, sit down and take a bite. It burnt the roof of my mouth, so I let it cool off. When I was finished I bought an ice cream to satisfy my taste buds. The old women standing next to me at the counter was wearing perfume so potent I could taste it.

As I start to walk to my car after a long exhausting day, I feel content with my purchases. I’m even excited to go home and admire my new things. It’s always an interesting day at the mall. It’s hard to live a normal healthy without a job and money. There are many reasons why people are unemployed, but in turn this state of unemployment can cause one to experience financial, emotional, and personal problems.

The most common causes of unemployment are getting fired and layed off for specific reasons. People might get layed off if a company is going out of business or maybe if there are positions in the company that are no longer needed. It’s difficult to find a job right away after being fired. Companies don’t want to hire someone who has just been fired for reasons such as failure to do a sufficient job, not showing up to work, stealing, etc. It’s also hard to find a job instantly after being layed off. In some cases the economy is down and it is hard to find any work in general. Some people can’t get hired because they don’t have an education and they are not qualified to do the work required. Most companies call a person’s references and if they don’t have a good work record they are not likely to get hired. Employees will always hire the most qualified person based on their resume, or brief account of one’s education and professional experience.

Other people can’t find jobs because of disabilities or health problems. If someone gets into a car accident and gets physically injured long-term or becomes disabled, it becomes difficult to do many types of jobs. In another case a person may become ill and not be able to work for a long period of time or at all.

One of the most life changing effects of unemployment is the loss of income. Especially if they are a single parent of if they have a large family to support. Having no money means eventually having no food, no clothes, no shelter, and no car. It also prevents one from doing many things and activities, even though their amount of leisure time has increased. One might not have money to go to the movies, play on sports’ teams, or do any other recreational things. Being unemployed for a long enough time leads to a lot of debt. Any money that has been saved ends up getting spent rather quickly with all of today’s living expenses. Twenty thousand dollars may seem like a lot of money to some people, but with no income that money gets spent before you know it. This may cause a person or family to be forced to rely on welfare.

Unemployment can also lead to emotional or psychological problems. When a person has no job, whether they were fired or just can’t find a job, their self-esteem tends to go down. They start feeling worthless and unimportant because they as though they are “not good at anything.” The stress of not having anything to do and having no money may start to build. Some people turn to alcohol to make themselves feel better. The stress and loathing leads to depression, which in some cases causes alcoholism.. Family problems are also associated with unemployment. Some of these problems include not having enough money to feed the whole family, the stress of the unemployed effecting the rest of the family, and the transition from having money to having none. An unemployed parent might end up taking their depression and anger out on their children or spouse. In another case, these family problems may lead to divorce. The combination of all these problems creates too much stress for a family to handleFurthermore, there are many reasons for becoming unemployed, such as being fired, getting layed off, physical injuries or handicaps, or just having no experience. It can happen to almost anyone, and it happens out of their control. The consequences of having no job can be harsh and unfair to people. It becomes a much bigger issue than just having no money. It effects peoples’ lives as a whole.

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