Why Has Mall of America Been Such a Marketing Success So Far?

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The reason why the Mall of America has been such a marketing success so far, especially from the marketing perspective, is the Mall not only as the largest shopping paradise, but a tourist attraction that provides an unparalleled shopping and entertainment experience like no other place and give customers drive to come again.

The key trend that has revolutionized the retail industry in all these years is the advent of the internet as a major shopping channel. The traditional brick and mortar stores and the mall experience are getting negatively affected by the increasing use of the internet as a shopping medium. To overcome the threat of ecommerce and online retailing, Mall of America’s marketing team should make more efforts to continue their brand positioning of MOA as a unique tourist attraction and just not another shopping mall. In making future plans, the MOA’s marketing team should try to distinguish themselves by providing new and unique experience to its visitors by continuously innovating and offering value added features to the mall. Further, the internet should be extensively utilized as a tool to market the mall to consumers from outside the region.

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The criteria for the new facilities of the Mall of America should be advanced, high-level, unique, safety, and not a duplicate of what they have. For the retail stores, the merchandise does not have to be expensive, but memorable or interesting or something related to the Mall. For the entertainment offerings, the safety becomes the most important thing. Based on the safety, creating some new playing method will be more attractive. For the hotels, they have to be comfortable and give the customer the feeling like going back to their home.

Keep the mall fresh and exciting. To keep the local metropolitan area resident exciting about visiting the mall, managers should look into extending the rail service all the way to the mall area without raising the price of the fare. Local resident prefers to have stores that are trustworthy and have good quality, the mall should offer an early-bird special at the movie theater. For the first time visit from outside, there should be a tour guide of the mall to show them around so that they are not confused and a food voucher should be included as one of the restaurants within the food court. They should also receive a goody bag with all the stores and information about the stores and the mall within a whole. Because of the diverse this mall has a lot to offer for everybody.

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