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Observation of a Mall



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    On the outside of the mall are lines after lines of cars are parked in the enormous parking lots. It is not that loud, every once in a while you hear the beeping of car doors being locked. Creative accents on the doors invite you to come in and enjoy.

    Different textures on the building pop out at you creating different lines. You go from flat to bumpy as move your hand against the side of the building. At night, the lights shines against the entrance making it easy for all to see. The sliding glass doors swish open as I walk near them.

    As I walk in to inside, the volume of sound changes. I can hear people chattering and kids screaming. I can smell the food court’s hamburgers, chicken, and pizza, as well. The smell lures me in, guiding my nose towards the enticing scents.

    When you walk by the Chinese place, Panda Express, passes out free samples of teriyaki chicken. It tastes sweet and tender, causing your mouth to salivate. The free samples satisfy my taste buds making me want more. I let them taunt me into buying food.

    Walking around, the different smells seize my nose, bringing different feel to each restaurant.Sitting at a table on the hard, yet not unbearable chair, I eat my teriyaki chicken. The table has a glossy surface with a pinkish swirl. I look up to see at least fifty more tables.

    Some are small with little chairs just the right size for kids and others tall with high chairs allowing a look over the entire food court. Little kids run around them entertaining themselves and laughing as they play tag. A birthday party is going on for a little child. There are different colored balloons in a line on a long table.

    At the table next to me, three ladies chat away while the husband of one faces away from the chatter talking on the phone. There’s an employee cleaning the tables as people come and go. Also, he changes the trash and mops up any spilled messes. Three gentlemen who are having some kind of business meeting sit near me.

    Two of the men are older, approximately in their mid to late fifties. There is a younger man, probably about thirty years of age with them. They are constantly pressing buttons on a calculator and writing the results down.I take a seat in one of the many lounge areas the mall has.

    Sitting next to me is an elderly woman taking a break and sitting down to enjoy the atmosphere. Much like I’m watching her, she is also people watching. In fact, I could feel her watch me as I write things down wondering what it is that I am writing about. An older gentleman comes and sits next to her to tie his shoes.

    They have a brief moment where they joke about their old age, and then he rises and continues on his journey. Watching other people walk by, I couldn’t help to notice that some of them were like zombies.They would wander around like they were unaware of things around them. There was a complete focus in their eyes that said they were on a mission.

    Maybe trying to catch a sale or get to work, but they did not deviate from the path they were on. Also, I notice that almost everyone had a cell phone to their ear. All carrying on a conversations as they walked to their destination. Teens are walking around, looking for a girl to hit on or a hot boy to cross their path.

    None are holding shopping bags because they are just there to walk around.The elderly zoom past as they are on a mission to speed walk to keep healthy. Many different types of activities happen at the mall. It is filled with different kinds of people with different purposes.

    It is a community within the community. People are attracted to the beauty and the atmosphere it creates. No money is needed to go there unless you actually want to buy something as you shop. It’s not just a shopping mall, but a meeting or social gathering place, a place to relax, be entertained, satisfy your hunger, and a place to get healthy.

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