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The Internet is the most important invention ever

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The Internet is the most important invention ever (contrasting ideas, linking expressions)… Many years ago, no one could ever imagine that such a thing as the Internet would be invented. Now, life without the Internet for most people is unimaginable. In my opinion, every invention has its time, and the Internet is the greatest invention of ours. First, the Internet provides an enormous amount of information. Everyone can find all kinds of information on millions of topics. Also, people are able to find information on every subject they are interested in.

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The Internet is the most important invention ever
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However, this easy access to so much information can sometimes be dangerous. For example, one primary disadvantage is that children may be exposed to information that they aren’t supposed to access, such as pornographic materials or violent movies. The internet has also encouraged scammers, who benefit from users who are easily convinced to give their bank details and send money to get fake products. Second, people are using the internet for communication.

Today, we can initiate real-time communication with someone who is in another part of the world. I, for one, use Skype all the time to communicate with family and close friends.

People can participate in social networks like “Facebook” , “Twitter”, “Couchsurfing”, etc. They can keep in touch with their friends in distant places, or make new ones. Nevertheless, this way of communication can sometimes be inefficient. Face-to-face conversation, at least in my opinion, is much better. Another disvantage is the ease with which a person can waste a lot of time on the internet. He or she can start surfing, and then realize far more time has passed than was intended. The internet and television have both added to the more sedentary lifestyles of people.

Plus, the Internet allows for the access of personal information, such as our name and address, and the cluttering of personal accounts with unsolicited and unecessary email. Last but not least, the invention of the Internet could not be even possible without some earlier inventions and discoveries. First it was the discovery of fire, then the invention of the wheel. Later it was electricity, the telegraph and the computer. All this led to the invention of the Internet. (Note from editor: How? If you cite something in an essay, you’re supposed to back it up with evidence!

It can be concluded that there are many great inventions, and every one of them was important for its time. The Internet, even with its flaws, is the most important invention of our modern time.  Many people would agree that the Internet is the most important invention of the last century. Whether it is used for academics, social networking, entertainment, or shopping; the Internet has become a large part of most people’s lives. After stopping and thinking about all the things I have used it for, it is hard for me to imagine my life without the Internet.

It has become an integral part of my daily existence. For me, the Internet has become and incredible tool in my academic career. Whenever I am confused on an assignment, all it takes is a Google search to be able clear up the confusion and understand the topic further. Information on the Internet has allowed me to reach my full potential in all of my school work, and has made research much more accessible. Before the Internet, it would have been laborious trying to acquire all of the resources needed for a good quality research paper.

Now, with the help of an online research database, it is easy to locate scholarly journals, articles, and other references. It seems inconceivable to me how anyone ever made it through school without the Internet. Not only has the Internet helped me acquire academic knowledge and complete assignments, but it has also helped me pursue personal interests. On many occasions I have stayed up half of the night just reading scholarly articles about Abraham Lincoln, Anne Frank, the Civil Rights movement, and the Salem Witch Trials.

There are endless possibilities to the information I can find, and it is wonderful (as well as an antidote to insomnia) to be able to find things that fascinate me at the push of a button. The Internet has also expanded the means of communication like never before. If I need help on an assignment, instead of doing it incorrectly and seeking help the next day, my teacher and an explanation are just an email away. I am also able to keep up with my grades and check up on how I am doing with the help of grade-posting sites like Edline.

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