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Interpersonal skills essay

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1.0            Terms of Reference

I have been asked to reflect on what I have been learnt and how I have been learnt it, and also to identify my particular strengths and weaknesses, I will be explaining my plans for the future and to begun how I will express what I have to offer to an employer.

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2.0             Executive Summary

For this report, I will be explaining the interpersonal skills of myself for example the strengths and weaknesses, I would write about the things in my life or the environment which have made an impact of me and which may be helpful for the learning and development.

Than I will be talking about the self reflection of what I have learnt this term of both within the interpersonal skills modular, but also in other modular’s , at home and at work, it is relevant to the areas covered in interpersonal skills.

For the future planning, I will be writing about the future and includes the skills that I want to develop further and how I will go about doing and also how I will be presenting myself to employers.

Than I will be updating mu CV with the action plan.

3.0            Introduction

My name is Hadeel al-kubayassi and I am a student at university of Westminster, studying business management – commercial law, my achievement is that I want to get out of university with a digger and master of business with law so I can protect the country from the theft companies in UK.

My background is that I came from Iraq, I live with my family in west London, my interpersonal skills is that I am a hard working especially with groups this is because I am a good listener and giving advice. And also I have a good communication skill.

4.0     Finding

4.0         Strengths and weaknesses

4.0.1    Strengths

One of my biggest strengths is my communication skills. I work very well with all kinds of people, and understand that everyone has different point of view about projects and work tasks — so when I work with others I realize that everyone comes to the table with different precedence and objectives. I keep this in mind when I communicate tasks that need to be accomplished with positive reinforcement and awareness of what others are working on.

One of my greatest strengths which I’ve acquired during my education is good analytical and planning skills. This has always benefited me to set goals and try to achieve them. But at the same time I’m driven by the thoughts of success

Another strengths that I have is communication, time management and team working / good listener, for the communication is that I can communicate with new and old student, for the time management I can organise my time like giving course work on time for example meeting deadlines, am also good with team working this is because I get involve with every one in the group and I can listen very carefully this is means that I am a good listener.

Hard worker.
Having good interpersonal skills.
Believe in myself; self-confidence.
I have ability to cope with failures and try to learn from my mistakes.

      4.1.2 Weaknesses

I used to have trouble with procrastinating, now I have learned to write down a list of things that I need to do, and keep a calendar to keep track of deadlines, I have found that this not only helps me to finish things on time, but it has also helped me to be more organized.

Other weaknesses of me, it would be the fact that I get nervous when speaking in front of groups. I haven’t had a lot of experience with this over the past several years. Although I did join when I was at college to help overcome this nervousness and feel much more confident this days when I need to speak in front of groups and give presentations.

Another weakness that I have is the self management this is because there is always a distraction to break concentration and temptation to wonder off into a day dream, about the future, career, friends, social events etc these distractions are always there. It suggests luck of concentration or discipline or commitment to focusing on the work in hand.

Tend to go to any limits while helping my friends.
I am too focused on my work and I need to find more time to relax.
I’m too focused on work and need to develop some after hours hobbies.
I have to work on having more patience and giving myself a break because I always want everything done at once.

4.1         Team work


Team workers make helpful interventions to avert potential friction and enable difficult characters within the team to use their skills to positive ends. They tend to keep team spirit up and allow other members to contribute effectively. Their diplomatic skills together with their sense of humour are assets to a team. They tend to have skills in listening, coping with awkward people and to be sociable. sensitive and people oriented.


I am a team worker this is because I can motivate with others and I have a good communications and relationships – focused myself – they are a lot more effective when I  understand other members of the group , and the people I  seek to motivate or manage or develop or help.

4.2         Time management

For the time management, I have been improved a lot from school this is because I use to be late to classes and also I have improved of how I use to missed a deadline of my course work but now I am in university and I started to go to the lectures and seminars on time and I started to do my coursework on time and meeting deadlines.

4.3         Future plan  and PDP

I am a student at university of Westminster studying business management – commercial law on my first year, I have got two more years to get the business management – commercial law degree than I will be continuing to do the master degree.

For the future career plan I will be a solicitor and the skills that I will vary realised that I need for me to able to success. The first one will be communication this is because I need to communicate with the group that I am going to work with and to motivate as well for the second skills that I need is the team work this is because I need to be a good listener so I can be able of what I am doing, the last skill that I need to make sure I am good on is the presenting and this is the important one this is because when I stand in front of the judgment, I need to make sure that I present well, give in eye contact and also be more confident.

4.0            Conclusion

For this report, I have conversed about the strengths and weaknesses of how I am well good on strengths for example the skills of communication time management of how I communicate with members and for the time management of how I   manage my time of giving coursework and meeting deadlines and being on time to lectures and seminars. For the weaknesses I have talked about the team work and presentation, those are the only two that I am weak on because sometimes on the teamwork I don’t listen  because I founded too boring and for the presentation I am too nerves and unconfident when I get up to present.

For the second thing that I have talked about is the teamwork in theories and myself as well and I also talked about the time management of how I should make in improvement on it.

For the last thing that I have talked about is the personal development plan, I have talked about my future and what I am going to be in the future and I also wrote about what I am doing at the moment like am doing business management – commercial law and hopefully I will leave with a master degree.

6.0     Recommendation

for the recommendation, I should make in improvement on my weaknesses the team work and the presentation this is because is I don’t make in improvement I will be the same of every time I’ll do presentation so the things  that will make me be confident of when ill do the presentation is do more practices with new members and even at home ill do more practices of the presentation and of course the team work that I need make sure that I understand the team group very carefully so ill get involve of what the group is doing

7.0    References and Bibliography

·        Jenni Nowlan, (2007) interpersonal skills for business, first edition, university of Westminster, blue, Jenni Nowlan

·        http://www.srds.co.uk/cedtraining/handouts/hand40.htm

·        http://www.teambuildingportal.com/articles/systems-approaches/practical-use-belbin-theory.php


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