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What Is Perception in Interpersonal Communication

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An individuals background, life experience, values and roles may vary the results f this filter process and influence individual perceptions. Therefore, each individual can perceive the same object or situation very differently and behave according to their perceptions. (Devote, 2004; Lewis & Salad, 1994). Wood (2007 p. 73) explains that perception occurs through three blended stages. The first stage is where we select certain information or qualities from stimuli. Secondly, the information is organized according to a cognitive constructs.

The third stage involves interpreting and evaluating the information and applying attributions.

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What Is Perception in Interpersonal Communication
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There are a range of perceptual processes that influence ones interpersonal perception. These processes aid in making the information easier to understand and classify, however, these processes are often inaccurate and may act as barriers (Devote, 2004). The perceptual process this essay focuses on is stereotyping. Stereotyping is common in our society. From the moment you sight someone, you may stereotype them on the basis of their culture, social status or gender. Whiten (1995, p. 42) classes stereotyping as a normal cognitive process that save [us] energy by simplifying our social Hog and Vaughan (2002, p.

39) concur and explain that stereotyping helps to avoid con dative C by letting individuals place mental images or stimuli into categories, thus helping interpret our diverse society. According to Davis, Fanning and McKay (1995, p. 1 70) stereotyping is a CSS set of beliefs or knowledge about individuals who are members of a particular group. Stereotyping is normally defined as being negative due to oversimplification or distortions of accuracy.

Extreme forms of stereotyping may lead to prejudice and discrimination. Whiten (1 995, p, 642) explains that stereotyping can produce of a social or cultural group, which may not acknowledge qualities or diversity within it. I am guilty of this sort of stereotyping at my school. We have a portion of Asian students that study at the Eastern Institute of Technology. I perceive them to be studious, competitive, hard-working, intelligent individuals who prefer to group with other Asian students and do not speak English when they are together.

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