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I have had an unbelievable chance ; this great chance was run intoing and organizing a bond with Mrs. Evangeline Baviera. ( Vangie for short ) While run intoing with Mrs. Evangeline. I have learned a batch about her. I have learned that she is a phenomenal function theoretical account. a loving female parent and a former married woman. I am pleased to portion the narrative of the singular unforgettable Evangeline Baviera. On Nov. 25. 1932. the universe was graced with the visual aspect of Evangeline Villa. born to Eva Aquino and Joe Villa. Born in Bauan. Batangas there was non much to make.

So as a kid. she spent her free clip making jobs and assisting her female parent around the house. It was her responsibility to sell veggies and go to to the poulets. Turning up. Evangeline’s household was really spiritual and she spent about a portion of every twenty-four hours in church. As a adolescent. Vangie attended and graduated from high school. While in high school. Vangie was so playful. She besides loved to dance ; some yearss she would dance all the manner to school and back. During the 1940s. vangie left Batangas and moved to Manila to maintain her friend’s female parent company. While populating in Manila. Vangie met Ruben Baviera.

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On June 1. 1948. Evangeline Villa became Evangeline Baviera. They was wed in Sariaya Church ; they were so in love and merely did non desire to wait any longer. Together they had four kids: Brenda. Marco. Eva and Dave. After 52 old ages of matrimony. Ruben Baviera. her faithful hubby passed off from Diabetes. Vangie served in many capacities: president of the usher board for 15 old ages. a instructor to a Sunday school. Soon Evangeline Baviera is a faithful member of the senior citizen. On a daily footing she enjoys disbursement clip at their house with her grandchildren and sometimes merely watching Television.

While she was at the early senior twelvemonth or at the age 60 she lief serves tiffins to the other seniors teaches a diabetes category and is in charge of a Sit and Be Fit category for co-elders for inspiration. Mrs. Baviera has had many exciting escapades during her life-time. She has traveled many Philippine topographic points like Cebu. baguio. Iloilo etc. She is such a great function theoretical account because she doesn’t let her diabetes halt her from populating her life like it’s aureate. She is besides a function theoretical account she keeps herself up. Evangeline Baviera is well-dressed even she has a diabetes. Evangeline Baviera has taught me many life lessons.

She has taught me about forgiveness and regard. She has taught me that when chance awaits. you should travel Forth and take it. Vangie has besides taught me that life can’t get any better than what it is because God’s ever at that place for you and has been good to you therefore far. Vangie’s words have fallen on my unfastened ears and she has made an unerasable feeling on my life. I am honored to hold had the chance to run into Mrs. Evangeline Baviera. To her I must state “thank you” for informing me about her life and for animating and act uponing mine. What Evangeline has given me is a invaluable gift that I can ne’er refund.

I feel that this interview has been rather educational. Not merely has it brought me closer to my interviewee. but it helped me recognize how much the universe alterations. both technically and in a fashion/lifestyle manner. This undertaking gives persons a better apprehension on life and the value of our seniors. It besides helps me recognize how difficult people worked so that we can hold the life that we do today. I know now what life is traveling to be like when I am older and I hope I will hold the same chance and be able to be interviewed on my life when I am a senior citizen.

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