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Senior Picture Day

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Senior Picture Day

Michele Serros was born in 1966 in Oxnard, California. Serros was raised in Hispanic Community. Historically, Oxnard was originally inhabited by Native Americans the same location in which the story is being portrayed and also during Serros late childhood and mid-teens because, it was during the time when Radio frequencies named Citizens Band were popular. The narrator’s ancestors are obviously Indians because she explains how her nose looked “less Indian” with time because of her repeatedly squeezing her nose.

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Senior Picture Day
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This sort of action makes me believe that she is self-conscious about her appearance and how others may see her. She also describes her nose as hideous, less Californian.

I can relate to her though because who doesn’t want to look beautiful? Who doesn’t want to be socially accepted? I personally don’t like my height or body shape and I feel that others see the same. Everyone has an image or idea on how one must look and how one must live such as perfect height, hair, eyes, weight, perfect parents with the prettiest house and the narrator believes that her best friend Terri had all these features.

The girl looked up to Terri and loved going over to the house by how she described her feelings every time she arrived at Terri’s house and how she felt when she found out Terri’s father left her mother for another woman by saying “Who’d wanna leave a house that smelled like a pine forest and always had pudding pops in the freezer” (Pg.32) Obviously the narrator points out betrayal and jealousy from her friend Terri which makes a huge change and marking point in her life. Since the time Terri made fun of her nose and how she looked, She has been squeezing her nose and she is convinced that the strategy is working because she compares all her pictures from previous school years.

Now it is graduation time and she assures that she will have the best and perfect school picture and her nose will look just like Terri’s. (Pg.32) This Story was intended for the teens, mid teens, and adults. Being talked about or being bullied is not an easy matter and its tough on the victim. Everyone tries to fit in, feel accepted, be the popular one with many friends and I think that we all have some sort of role model or figure we try to compare ourselves with. It also comes in hand with jealousy, teenagers somehow will feel jealous of each other and lastly, I think the parents should have some understanding of what teenagers growing up deal with daily. Parents should be encouragers and help boost their confidence. Everyone can relate to this story whether male, female, young or old because at some point in our lives we have gone through a change or something we didn’t personally like about ourselves. Sometimes we learn to overcome and accept the things we can not change and our individuality or sometimes it haunts us forever.

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