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Introduce the development of flotation column

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In recent years, the international flotation column depth research, the new flotation column for industrial production, in many research products in the most striking is the static flotation column and microbubble flotation column.Flotation cell (total cross-section, air-lift, micro bubble)
Static flotation Column:
Successfully developed by the United States in 1986. Filling corrugated board in the flotation column, forming numerous channels. When the air passes through the corrugated plate channel, are crushed into bubbles. Stacking two layers of corrugated board at right angles, in the same layer, two adjacent corrugations of the plate is crossed.

This arrangement allows the slurry gas mixture is uniformly distributed over the entire cross section, eliminate the short circuit, and mineral particles extend the residence time of bubbles. Rising bubbles are forced into contact with the mineral particles, increasing the adhesion probability. To the top of the washing, along downstream channels, constantly taking gangue, tailings discharged from the bottom of the valve. Section of 0.61 ? 0.61 meters, 6.1 meters of column flotation has been used to treat slime, very good handling capacity of 0.

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Introduce the development of flotation column
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25 tons / hour.A 6 to 7 meters high cylinder, the bottom with a group consisting of microporous plastic bubble generator, the upper part of the distributor has to mine. Infeed slurry evenly distributed on the cylinder cross section, slow down during descent and rising bubbles mineral particles encounter. Height of the flotation column flotation machine flotation area is much larger than the probability of mineral particles collide with air bubbles and adhesion big. Low turbulence intensity flotation pulp stream area, adhere to the bubbles hydrophobic mineral particles easily fall off. Froth flotation column thickness of up to tens of centimeters, secondary enrichment particularly significant, but also to strengthen that role tricking the foam layer. Often you can get…

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