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Fossils and the Geologic Column

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Get downing from the eighteenth Century. scientist had been able to supply methods of cognizing the world’s prehistoric culture. One of this is the usage of dodos to find the comparative age of strata. Dodos are the remains of life beings that had lived long clip ago while strata are the geological divisions each made out of immediate beds that exhibits consistent features. Comparing the sets of dodos that exist within different vicinities gives a intimation for geologist whether the beds concerned are of the same strata or non.

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Fossils and the Geologic Column
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The comparative age of the vicinities could be based on the fossil’s comparative age that is so determined through C dating. As scientist had established that dodos of a certain being had lived within a certain span of clip. it is so compared to other being which would be besides found out to hold lived within that same clip span. Their similarities would be drawn out that made possible the broader division of the Earth’s history into Eras viz.

the Cenozoic Era or the Age of Recent life. Mesozoic Era or the Age of the Medieval Life. and the Palaeozoic Era or the Age of the Ancient Life.

Each of them would be farther divided into Periods. which is so based on the perturbations that had been theorized to determine the earth’s crust. The clip span that is believed that no dodos can be found out is called the Precambrian Period. In analysing figure 3. 6. we could state that the three vicinities though bordered many kilometres apart. hold fossil gatherings because about all of them have Dictyoclostus americanus from the Pennsylvanian Period. Prolecanites gurleyi from Mississippian Period. Palmatolepus unicornis from Devonian Period and Bathyurus extans from Ordovian Period.

This states that the three vicinities had been for some clip span or period had been portion of the earth’s outer crust. Though vicinity 3 had Stratum D and Prolecanites gurleyi losing. this that non means that vicinity 3 does non be as portion of the earth’s crust because either stratum D was ne’er deposited there or it may had been at that place but so removed through eroding. The boundary between C and E so would be a disconformity.

Mentions Index Fossils. Retrieved June 6. 2008 from hypertext transfer protocol: //pubs. usgs. gov/gip/geotime/fossils. hypertext markup language

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