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My love is doomed because love a member of a family who my family doesn’t get along with. The families have been feuding for as long as I know. Since the families and crazed with anger towards each other, serious consequences could happen. Which brings me to my next point. If one of the families finds out, there could be serious consequences for either of us. I don’t know who would be more mad, the leader of our family or the leader Of my love’s. Punishment will happen not just from our families, but punishment from our leader.

This will create fighting and disturbances in the streets. That also has me raddled and my third point is what worries me the most. Due to our leaders ruling, fighting between the families, will lead to death. Since there has been constant fighting between us, our leader said that if there is more fighting and disturbances, the penalty is death, no excuses. Should I stress over this love, or should not risk the consequences? What should I do in a situation like this? From: It’s my love and I need it now! Dear: It’s my love and I need it now! , If you truly love her, you can take the risk.

There are other beautiful people out there so if I were you, would not risk the consequences, especially death. If you truly believe that your heart belongs to this women, then you should take the path that you believe is best in your situation. Since the family’s are still in feud, you might want to find out why this feud has been going on for so long and why it started. If you can find out this information, believe that you could talk to both of the families and try to end the feud which will make it easier to get your love.

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