Is Escaping from the Family a Necessity for Personal Growth

In today’s society, many young adults get stuck between choosing to stay with their families or choosing to go their own way. For example, many graduating high school seniors might often find themselves asking this question. While some parents may give their children the opportunity to go away for college, others may feel their children are not prepared to leave their home. In addition, some parents may think that sending their children away to college will have no benefit on their personal growth and, therefore, refuse to send them away. I believe personal growth is extremely important because it allows us to develop ourselves intellectually, morally, and physically. Escaping from the family is a necessity for personal growth because it lets us create our own identity, develop a personal worldview, and discover a career that is right for us.

To create our own identity, we must always stay true to what we believe as well as allow our mindset to develop rather than stay fixed. We should never let anyone tell us that we can’t do something. Although our parents might not always agree with the decisions we make, it is our life and only we can decide how we choose to live it. Creating our own identity means discovering our values, goals, and beliefs. This is why I believe that, in order to find our true self, we must detach ourself from our families in order to achieve personal growth.

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Developing a personal worldview gives us the chance to develop our own perspective of the world, rather than our parents‘ perspective. By going out into the world on our own, we learn to overcome challenges without the help of our parents. Ever since we were little, we have relied on our parents for almost everything, but there comes a time when we need to let go and move on. Developing our own personal worldview is extremely important because every person is different and every person has their own personal experience. In other words, we can never truly understand someone else’s perspective unless we share their same experience.

Discovering a career that is right for us is essential to our personal growth. Based on our personality, passions, and interests, we can decide what we wish to do in the future. I believe the first thing we must look when choosing a career is whether or not we will truly enjoy what it is we will be doing. In addition, we cannot choose a career just to get our parents’ approval. Choosing a career is all about self-discovery. The path of self-discovery helps us grow both emotionally and personally and allows us to reflect on our decisions.

Overall, personal growth is an essential part of our development. It involves understanding ourselves and working to become the best version of ourselves. Creating our own identity is the first step to our personal development. In addition, developing our own worldview allows us to see things from our point of view, rather than our parents’. Discovering a career that is right for us is also something we must do on our own. Although our parents may want to help us through this process, we must learn to do it ourselves. This is why I believe it is necessary to escape our families in order to achieve personal growth.

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