Is Life worth Living?

Is life worth Living? This is a question that I hear felinely. Some human beings believe that life isn’t worth living because it’s a lot of ups and downs in their lives or because they life is miserable. And it is some that believe that life is worth living. Life is a very beautiful and wonderful thing. Life isn’t meant to be giving to you or to be easy, God never said life was going to be easy and everything supposed to be giving to you. Life is what you make out of it. Everyone should live their lives to the best of their ability.

I feel that some human beings have a sense why they are here on earth. They either choose to accept the reason or reject it. With that being said yes I believe that life is worth living. Just because some people may know their purposes in life doesn’t mean it’s easier to fulfill them much quicker and easier than the people that don’t know their purpose. God put human beings on this earth for a reason and that reason is to live a life. No your life might not always be great, or it might not always bring happiness, or you might not be the wealthiest person on earth but everything happens for a reason.

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God don’t but anything on you that he thinks you couldn’t handle. Some human beings believe that their life isn’t worth living because their lives not perfect or they don’t get what they want or things probably just not going right at the time. People have to realize that this thing called life isn’t meant always to be great or happy. People have a lot of ups and down in their live but it just pushes them even harder. What don’t kill you in live will always make you stronger. This guys I know hate his life and think that his live isn’t worth living.

He wants to die but can’t help but to keep living, he is just waiting to die. That is very sad for a human being to say or think that about they live because everybody live is precious. I just don’t understand why people would want to die because when you die, I die and everyone else dies we no longer exist, no matter how bad the situation is there is always hope for a better future, but if you’re dead there is no future for you. Why do some humans that wish not be here on earth believed that death is a solution? Who knows what happen to souls after life. Are your souls really ready for the unknown?

Taking your own life is no guarantee that you are free from your misery. The fact that you here on earth right now should give you some sense of purpose for being. The scariest thing is to not know your place in this world. Life can be only lived once so don’t waste your time waiting for death. Death will come eventually but until that time we should find ways on how to make our lives meaningful. Life is worth living because you experience and you learn so many things. Certain things may not be important to other people in life, but it’s important for you.

We should make the most out of life and waste none of our time waiting for something. All of us have our own purpose here on earth and i believe that the human beings that think that their life isn’t worth living, having discovered their purpose in life yet because how can you know your purpose when all you do is wait for death. Try new things, discover life, know your purpose… and when death comes, you might regret wasting your time waiting for this dreadful thing rather than spending it doing something that people will remember.

You should try to do something’s that can make you immortal. Humans believe that life isn’t worry living because they have no friends or they have no one to love them. But that’s not true because regardless if you have a lover or not there is always one person that will love you and that is God. We don’t need friends to make it in life that is what some people fail to realize. Family and God is all we need to make it in life, because regardless friends or not we was born in this world alone and when its time for us to leave, we will leave this world alone. Life is a wonderful gift from god.

God have giving everyone a chance to live their life on earth. It’s your choice to decide how you live your life. Its people in your life that’s going to try and stop you from achieving whatever it is that you want to achieve but you can’t let them bring you down. People like that are called miserable people with no life and those are the people that usually believe that their lives aren’t worth living. God put us all on this earth to experience life and learn different things, meet new people. God didn’t give us a live to regret it or regret the things we do in our lives.

God gave us power to try and control and change our lives around but it’s up to us to start taking control of our own life. I know nobody’s perfect we all got some type of bad in us but it’s our choice how we use the bad that we are given. I believe that my life is worth living for plenty reasons. I believe it’s worth living because god put me on this earth to be somebody and I’m not leaving until I become that person, I believe that I’m here to help miracles if you believe and put your trust in him people smile and make people happy, I believe that true love is still for me to find.

Ever thing in life happens for a reason God wouldn’t put something on you that he know you couldn’t bear or handle. My life is not the perfect life things could be bigger and better but life we all go through something’s to reach the top which is success. Our life is made up of a lot of obstacles. I feel like far I been through the darkness and back with my life so. I done been in fights, got to arguing with my mama and daddy, held back grades, lied and some more but through all the stuff I been through nor one time did I decide I wanted to kill myself or decided that my life wasn’t living.

Because I know all I have to do is believe in god and worship him and praying and things will get better for the best. The devil is the one talking when humans are saying that they don’t want to live. I really believe that when they say they about to comment suicide, they be telling people because they be wanting you to safe them. The devil is the power of all people, he would be considered as one of the miserable peoples that be trying to bring people down. Satin tries his hardest to get in people skin but I can’t blame him, because it’s our choice if we want to listen to satin or god.

Satin try to make people believe that it’s ok to think that your life isn’t worth living. Everything can be taken in a blink of an eye. I believe that everybody should learn the meaning of life to wish their goals in life. If we knew the meaning of life then we might have the perfect purpose in life. All of our goals would be resolved. Some people spend their entire lives seeking justification for their existence, wondering and worrying about the difference that they lives had made if any. My best wishes for human beings is to live life as it is to the fullest because you only get one chance to live it.

Tomorrow is never promise for anyone so don’t waste your time thinking about what you could have done if you wasn’t mad. We all will die one day and when it’s that time to go God will let us know, don’t hush it because once you’re gone you going to be wishing that time haven’t come. Remember everything happens for a living. Everyone life is worth living. God loves us all; he is our beginning and our end. We can no longer escape the realities of our life, no longer, and then we can escape the reality of our death.

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