Is Police Brutality a Serious Problem in the US?

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In the article. “Police Brutality is Over-Sensationalized“ . Auerback made plentifulness of logical statements about the issue of police ferociousness. But. the statistics he showed was from the metropolis of Chicago. For illustration the Rodney King instance was the first major instance tried in tribunal. The Rodney King instance was about an African American being pulled over for no evident ground. Finally the officer was acquitted of all charges. Why do constabulary officers merely feel that they are above the jurisprudence? Are they above the jurisprudence? Despite Auerback demoing many valid points throughout the article. his statement was really one sided or biased.

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The article ‘’the article constabulary ferociousness is Over-Sensationalized’’ . ( Auerback. 2010 ) is about constabularies ferociousness non being as large of a job as the media makes it out to be. Harmonizing to Auerback ( 2010 ) he claims’’ police ferociousness is non every bit platitude as Americans claim’’ . The writer uses many statistics but they are merely from the metropolis of Chicago. But throughout the full article he continuously was stating that constabulary are put in disputing places.

1st major point

In the paragraph “The Thin Line“ . the writer spoke about how inordinate force by a constabulary officer was a large job. Auerback explained that constabulary officers deal with unsafe state of affairss through their regular twenty-four hours. Besides. he described instances such as the Rodney King whipping in Los Angeles being some of the ground constabulary ferociousness was widespread. He said that the statistics he used couldn’t explain a important ground. In the paragraph “The Evidence Suggests Otherwise“ . Auerback clarified statistics demoing that constabulary ferociousness was non every bit bad as the media makes it out to be. For illustration. there was a survey done by the Urbana – Champaign independent Media Center on constabulary ferociousness.

The consequences showed that in Illinois 2854 constabulary officers had ailments about constabulary ferociousness. but surprisingly merely 7 per centum of the officers were regulated. Later on in the paragraph Auerback argued that constabulary officers have the right to utilize inordinate force to a certain extent. Basically in this paragraph the writer is reasoning that there isn’t plenty grounds to turn out constabulary ferociousness isn’t a large trade. The paragraph “having the Opposite Effect“ . Auerback explained how the media portrays the constabulary sometimes makes the occupation harder. and hurts he communities. Throughout the paragraph he showed that constabulary ferociousness was a really immense charge. Besides the writer showed that non all constabulary officers are bad cats as the media portrays them.

2nd Major Point

There were many logical statements and valid inquiries to inquire during the article “Police Brutality is Over Sensationalized“ . One logical statement about the article would be why were there merely a few statements? If the writer would hold made the article a bipartisan argument about constabulary ferociousness. The article would be drastically changed. Auerback did explicate constabulary ferociousness could be a job but. he explained constabularies are ever in the right fundamentally. Another inquiry I had that wasn’t answered was are all constabulary officers bad? There are valid illustrations that some constabulary officers take their authorization excessively far. Such as the Rodney King whipping in Los Angeles made constabularies ferociousness come to the visible radiation. But. because of some constabulary officers doing bad determinations and utilizing inordinate force. they give constabularies a bad name.

Last. another statement would be that a constabulary officers` is really unsafe. but are they above the jurisprudence? Most police officers are some of the nicest people you will run into. They put their lives on the line to function and protect us citizens. However when you look at the statistics shown in the article they show cops acquire away a batch of offenses. Such as in the article the statistics done in Chicago. Throughout five old ages Chicago saw 1774 complains per twelvemonth with merely 5 % of the officer holding the ailments. But. in the indistinguishable study done merely 1 per centum had adequate grounds to get down a instance. That is really distressing to hear. Why do the constabulary officers get off with such offenses? The ground is there is merely non much grounds to turn out the point. The three logical points made by the article would be the constabulary was above the jurisprudence. and why do they hold so much power.

3rd Major Point

Auerbacks` angle of vision was really demanded by his background which gives him ethos or credibleness but besides shows he could be biased. His background gives him a batch of credibleness. For illustration he had 17 old ages of experience in public policy and political scientific discipline. He graduated from Boston College Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. besides working as a federal contractor. With all being said his position is biased by him working with the authorities. The governments’ position is that the authorities is ever right.

Which Auerbacks’ angle of vision is fundamentally constabularies are ever in the right no affair what. If the writer would hold shown both sides of the issue of constabulary ferociousness the article would be more believable. Besides. the statistics shown in the article was merely from the metropolis of Chicago. If Auerback showed statistics of the full state alternatively of utilizing merely a metropolitan metropolis so the article wouldn’t be so colored. Auerbacks` angle of vision discredited the article. The writer made it seem like officers ever has a ground to utilize inordinate force.


In decision. the article “Police Brutality is Over Sensationalized“ . spoke about how police officers use inordinate force and how it was a immense job. The writer tried to understate the issue by utilizing illustrations of instances where the constabulary officers was in the right. But. in world there are plentifulness of illustrations of constabulary officers utilizing inordinate force for no ground at all. His statement throughout the article was that the media over-exposes the issue. Auerback used merely a certain sum of logical statements. Despite Auerback demoing many valid points throughout the article. his statement was really nonreversible or biased.

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