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The Internet has both positive and negative aspects, but the author believes that it is a useful tool for high school students. The Internet is more convenient, easier to use, and faster than traditional methods such as going to the library. It can be accessed from almost anywhere and is more specific in its search tactics. The Internet has more sources, making it more efficient and easier to gather information. High school students have a higher priority when it comes to using the Internet as a useful tool. Overall, the positive aspects of using the Internet outweigh the negative for high school students.

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There are positive facets every bit good as negative on which the Internet is utile or non. but what I believe is that the Internet is a utile tool for high school pupils. A few grounds why is that the Internet is more convenient. it’s an easier beginning. and it’s a batch faster. The Internet can be used reasonably much about anyplace. Searching through books in a library will take a longer clip than merely utilizing the Internet. if clip is a concerned affair. The Internet is like holding all the information needed from books combine into one. Having the Internet being more convenient can be a large issue. It kind of depends on the state of affairs. The Internet is at that place for much ground. but it can be used for research every bit good. The Internet is more convenient because it can be used ( about everyplace. Besides. the library might non be a good pick in many grounds. like: on rainy yearss. on vacations. no manner of transit. etc. There are many things from halting person from traveling to the library. yet the Internet will ever be at that place. at place or at school. The Internet is a batch easier because all ( or most ) of the information needed can be gathered on merely a few sites on the Internet. alternatively of holding to read tonss of books merely to acquire half of what you got on the few sites.

There’s more hunt tactics on the Internet. and one thing that can be really utile is that the Internet is more specific. As said in the 2nd paragraph. the library might be closed due to a vacation. it might be raining ( temperature-wise ) . and holding a manner of transit are merely a few of import facets that the library isn’t a good pick. Not holding a manner of transit and life far is an issue person might hold. The Internet can remain set ( at place. school. etc. ) every bit good as it can be portable ( laptop + wireless Internet ) . The Internet has more beginnings and high school pupils have a higher precedence if the Internet is used as a utile tool. The Internet can be more convenient for the pupils because it can be used in many topographic points ; at place. in school. at work. etc. It’s faster than merely traveling to the library and holding to seek for books. The Internet has a batch more beginnings. because. for illustration. it’s like holding the information of 5 books on one web site. a batch more efficient and easier. Thus. with all this said. there are more positive facets than negative in holding high school pupils utilizing the Internet as a utile tool.

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