The Problem of Cheating Among High School Students and the Way to Handle the Situation

Today, you are observing a high school class. As the students begin their tests, some also take out their phones. Answers are text amongst half or more of the students to hopefully pass, or ace, their tests without punishment. Studies by Forbes Magazine show that 51% of high school students admit to cheating on at least one test within the last yeari (Fu, Thomas Ehrlich and Ernestine) Cheating in schools all across the globe has grown to be a massive problem that will negatively impact this generation if not corrected. Each year, the percentage of students carelessly cheating appears to grow. Around three-quarters of high school students today copy each other’s homework without applying themselves to the material. (Fu, Thomas Ehrlich and Ernestine)

Because this type of cheating is seen as a minute problem, it is left alone or ignored by most teachers and parents. With this type of behavior being allowed, students become less sensitive to their conscience and are worriless about the idea of cheating on a higher level test or getting caught. Students can be respectful of an adult‘s opinions and teachings, but it is proven that students are most likely to follow in the footsteps of their peers, The internet plays a key role in the educational hindrance that is cheating. Only 5% of high school students do not use social media. (Levitz, Noel) On social media, teens and young adults post, tweet, or blog about their easiest methods for effective cheating.

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These types of teachings, which spread like wildfire, are the types of things that lead students to believe that cheating is a common, okay thing to do. To handle this situation of cheating, students need to realize that their peers may not always be correct. Adults and teachers everywhere must enforce the rules of cheating, no matter how measly of an assignment. This will instill the real truth about cheating into students’ minds. Cheating is wrong and disrespectful to yourself, your teacher, and the others whom you are cheating off of. However severe it may currently be, cheating can be handled by simply enforcing all rules.

Provide support for academic success: Some students may cheat because they feel overwhelmed or unprepared for exams or assignments. High schools can provide support for academic success, such as tutoring or study groups, to help students feel more confident and prepared. Use technology to prevent cheating: Technology can be used to prevent cheating, such as by using plagiarism detection software or monitoring students during exams. Address the root causes of cheating: Finally, it is important to address the root causes of cheating, such as pressure to succeed, lack of preparation, or a culture that values grades above all else. High schools can provide support for students to help them manage stress and develop healthy study habits.

In conclusion, cheating is a serious problem among high school students, but there are ways to handle the situation. By educating students about the consequences of cheating, implementing clear guidelines and consequences, promoting a culture of honesty and integrity, providing support for academic success, using technology to prevent cheating, and addressing the root causes of cheating, high schools can help prevent cheating and encourage students to learn and achieve their goals honestly and ethically.

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