Comparision of college and high school students

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In the case of dual-credit and other programs that link high schools with local colleges, the level Of rigor might be influenced by the course’s location, the yep of instructor, prerequisites, course length, and mix of high school and college students in the class. It is important to distinguish in these programs between courses that are “college like” and courses that are truly “college level” (Learner and Brand, 2006; National High School Center, 2007).

Concern that students’ high school experiences are disconnected from the expectations of postsecondary educational institutions and employers has prompted calls to transform the kindergarten through grade 12 (K-12) system into a more integrated kindergarten through college (K-16) or preschool through college (P-1 6) system. This change would engage governors, education officials at both the K-1 2 and college levels, business executives and others working together to improve the alignment of high school curricula with the expectations of postsecondary education and work.

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One response is the American Diploma Project, in which states have committed to an ambitious agenda with four goals: Aligning high school standards with postsecondary and workplace expectations. Upgrading high school course requirements so that students take a college- and work- ready curriculum. Streamlining assessment systems so the tests that high school students take river as readiness tests for college and the workforce. Holding both high schools and postsecondary institutions accountable for students success.

Success happens when one finds him/herself progressing in the career he/ she chooses. Every year many 4th year high school students are graduating and are moving on to college level carrying the hope and dream of what career path they choose to take. During high school days, we get to know more of ourselves, our likes and dislikes, the way we make choices and decisions and sometimes we tend to explore things to develop more our harasser and some of these few things try to answers the “who we are” question.

Nowadays, students are getting involved in many different influences which may or may not help them to choose the best and appropriate career for them. And this study wants to find out the major cause(s) of the problem of many high school graduating students in choosing the right career or course that best suits for them.

Statement of the Problem

The major problem of this study is to know the “Problems Encountered by High School Graduating Students in Choosing Career in College,” this study wants to be conducted in order to answer the following questions:

  1. What are the common problems a high school graduating student encounters in choosing career in college?
  2. In what aspect of life does a high school graduating student usually encounter problems?
  3. Who is/are the person(s) a student commonly contacted the most regarding to his/her situation or regarding to the problem him/her currently encountering?
  4. How does a student overcome its problems in relation to his/her education?

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