Is Vegeterian Diet Good

We know health is a valuable asset of the people most important. So we need to build healthier diet healthy science. However, some people choose a vegetarian diet to protect health which are featured dietitian should we vegetarian at least once a week to cleanse the body from heart disease help a mental relief. So vegetarians can be said to be victims of malnutrition or not?

What is a vegetarian and there was a lack of protein or not? Vegetarian diets are not using meat, fish eggs and milk preparations of animal origin. In the vegetarian menu only vegetables and products of plant origin. We often have a habit when heard about the protein is think of the fish eggs which are the food of animal origin. So many people think how well vegetarian protein deficiency malnutrition. This is a very false notion because protein is actually not just in food but also animal source is present in many plant foods. I think fasting will not be lacking in substance by vegetarians also eat enough protein as meat and fish … and most of them have in some beans. To prevent protein deficiency when vegetarians need to know to coordinate all kinds of plant protein in a reasonable manner will meet the needs of protein and amino acids necessary for the body. Food sources of protein for vegetarians as beans, especially soybeans have quite high calcium equivalent to animal protein like meat, fish eggs.

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Vegetarians may be deficient or not is the question many people. Assoc BS. Yongnian County Forest – Dean Nutrition – restriction University Hospital of Medicine and Pharmacy share many often think vegetarian food is less nutritious this is true only for those who apply streamlining menus. In terms of basic nutrition is vegetarian does not make nutritional deficiencies. It is no coincidence that people choose vegetarianism because vegetarians have more fiber and the effect of dietary fiber dietary fiber to prevent constipation fiber reduce disease diverticulosis reduced colon cancer in fiber reduces cholesterol by reduce LDL and increase HDL fat helps reduce heart disease. Food rich in fiber while chewing longer is not digested and absorbed in the stomach often makes people quickly saturated and no longer thereby reducing appetite avoid obesity fiber does not dissolve in water reduces the amount of estrogen in blood so fiber can reduce the risk of breast cancer. We need to know the nutrients that we eat every day is divided into groups of carbohydrate (glucide scientific name) protein (protid) fat (lipid) vitamins and minerals, salt and water. If applicable vegetarian diet varied and balanced enough to master the nutritional status in vegetarian diets entirely adequate to the needs of the body. Whether vegetarian or salty foods are at risk of iron deficiency anemia if the diet is not balanced and reasonable. Vegetarians should be exposed to sunlight for about 20 minutes day early morning to synthesize vitamin helps the body absorb calcium increase will make stronger bones.

Indeed there are people who think that fasting will not be healthy enough to work hard. Vegetarian concept seems to be a lack of things were imprinted in the minds decent people who eat meat, and even vegetarians vegetarian ignorance for any reason besides health reasons. I think when we know selection combining plant foods to have a full meal for his energy made the hard work. Adequate nutrition to a hard labor that is to have 10-15 energy supply due to the protein in a diet. Also fat and flour will be the main energy source in the body. Besides, it is also impossible not to mention vitamins and minerals. Also weighing vegetarian workers must also make a reasonable diet. Whether on a diet would need to have an understanding and compliance with the rules, we do not have to think to the diet that has enough quality and guaranteed or not. Can not use these senses to that assess subjective perception of the problem. The important thing is we have to learn and implement and how to ensure their health fit every job.

Vegetarian science still provides enough nutrients for the body. Vegetarians have lower LDL-cholesterol, atherosclerotic index low HDL-cholesterol and can prevent many diseases. Vietnam, however people often use more grain white rice is rice vermicelli noodles and various kinds of cakes made from rice flour bread soup like pancakes … caster wheels should happen the overcapacity quantity of cereals. Whether vegetarian or salty foods are at risk of iron deficiency anemia if the diet is not balanced and reasonable. The vegetarian meal needs to get enough energy body. To have the best vegetarian diet for health should eat rich fruits and vegetables whole grains while replacing saturated fats and trans fats with good fats like olive oil and canola oil…Fasting improperly will lead to lack of energy lasts. Vegetarians need to combine a variety of foods to ensure adequate energy balance of vitamins and nutrients group trace elements. If you eat too much energy even from the low-fat plant foods also cause weight gain nutritious therefore need portion control and regular physical exercise.

In summary vegetarian no shortage of nutrients for the body if we truly understood. Modern life changing rapidly which many people more susceptible to stress are likely to escape chaotic conflict vegetarianism becomes necessary. Vegetarian helps people become more acquiescent more peaceful. Today many ordinary people are choosing a vegetarian diet as a way to protect health against many diseases. I feel it is science diet most reasonable that I should pursue and apply ever after.

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