Food and Diet Essay

Nutrition Intake Second Part: I choose the Low- Sodium Nutrition Diet Plant, because it is one of the most recommended nutritional foods sources to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and strokes. Sodium cannot be found in many foods that are served at fast food in many different places. Our body balance sodium control foods that are very high in salt, some people do not mind to eat food with a lot of salt, but for some others who are at risk of getting high blood pressure or others heart diseases, is very danger to consume food with high sodium concentration.

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Some of the food that I avoid when I was doing the 7-day meal plan was the amount of sat that I was adding to the food that I was cooking, and I notice a big change through my entire body when I use some of the condiment recommended in the low- sodium nutritional therapy. Some of the food recommended the, I really enjoy was the vegetable and fruit serving, all unsalted fresh frozen or canned tomato, or vegetable juice, canned without salt.

In addition, some of the other food serving that I really enjoy was bread and cereals, because they do not have sodium, and do not need to be counted in the five serving per-day.

One of the problem the I encounter, was went I went to the super- market to choose what kind of food were low- sodium, like beans, bread and also some of the condiment that I was using. Also another problem the, I encounter was in the taste of the food, because since I always cook with regular condiments and know, I am using low- sodium it is a big difference in taste. For problem number one, my goal is to continue using low- sodium condiment to prepare my food, because that is going to help with the safe of my family, perhaps on preventing some of the cardiovascular system diseases.

It was my pleasure to follow the recommended low- sodium nutritional therapy, from now on I will use those ingredients to cook, because that will help me to keep my family healthy, and if I can help to prevent some of those heart conditions with moderating my cooking habits that will be an excellent choice to make. Moreover, the advice that I would give to someone else who are following the same meal plan is to keep following those recommended healthy food choices, because by eating healthy we can prevent some of the health disparities that are associated with obesity, and some others health related diseases.

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