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Do you know what the day November 1st is? November 1st is World Vegan Day. According to Britannica Academic Vegan is ‘a strict vegetarian who consumes no animals or dairy product for food’. An article in Time (‘ history of veganism’. 2008) described that that day is celebration of people who do not eat meat or animals. This holiday is began since in 1994. Vegan diet is more rigid than vegetarian diet. They do not eat meat also they do not wear clothes and accessories which made from an animal. Around 500 BCE Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras of Samos started to advocate that plant based diet (vegan). The people who Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism is also believed that human suppose to do not give anguish for all animals. Now there are some reason for choose vegan diet not only for animal right. Becoming vegan has a positive impact not only on the environment but also in terms of preventing some cancers and reducing obesity however, it has negative effect for the environment as well and can cause lack of nutrition.

At first, by choosing vegan diet it has a positive impact for the environment. In the process of growing animals, it cause negative affection on the environment. It will need more energy and resource than growing grain. Furthermore, livestock is emit GHG (greenhouse gases) which affect for the earth. If people practice plant based diet it will be able to diminish the negative affection for earth. According to Joan, sam, (2014) ‘compared with plant foods, meat and dairy are clearly responsible for a hefty share of the natural resource utilization and environmental burden of food production’. In the process of food producing, non vegan diet is require 1.4 times more pesticide, 1.3 times more fertilizer, 2.9 more water, 2.5 more primary energy. Fresh water is most used in the Agriculture and livestock production than any other production. In the United States, more than 99.2% of food is producing in land. Furthermore, almost half of GHG (greenhouse gases) emissions are yield in while farming. Data from finland estimated that ‘vegan diet would reduce 48% of the agricultural and 34% of the overall system GHG emissions compared with average Finnish diet. By reducing GHG, it will be prevent biodiversity loss, degradation. In the meat production, it need more natural resources than plant production. Vegan diet can minimize not only GHG, but also loss of biosphere and degradation.By adopting vegan diet it has a huge potential to save the planet.

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