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The chief focal point of the narrative Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne is the victory of immorality over good. A purportedly good adult male is tempted by immorality and allows himself to be converted into a adult male of evil. In this short narrative, the country where the Satan resides is in the wood.

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As Goodman Brown sets off on his walk into the wood, he believes that there is more good within his community than immorality, and that he himself is a good adult male. He believes that he will follow his married woman to heaven. Yet as he talks with his fellow traveller his ideas are shortly swayed. Goodman Brown negotiations of his male parent and gramps and how they ne’er went into the forests on such an errand as himself, for they were honest work forces and good Christians. Yet his comrade tells him of many a wickedness his relations had committed and the walks he had taken with them, hence turn outing to Goodman Brown that his male parent and gramps before him were non absolutely guiltless, good people. Goodman Brown says to his comrade that the people of New England are a good people of supplication and stay no evil. Again, the traveller returns with remarks of the church deacon imbibing the Communion vino and the town selectmen selling themselves to him and the General Court solidly back uping his involvements. Goodman Brown can non believe what he is hearing to be true, for he had ever thought of his community as decent, non-sinning people incapable of evil. Goodman Brown so says that these people s ways have no fond regard to him and hence he is non capable of their iniquitous behaviors. This urges his comrade into unmanageable laughter, for he knows that Goodman Brown is every bit much a evildoer as the remainder of them although he has yet to recognize this. Meeting Goody Cloyse in the wood shows that Goodman Brown has been evil all of his life ; for she is a enchantress, and he says that the old lady taught him his catechism, hence he is merely every bit evil as she and the town.

Goodman Brown is tempted by his fellow traveller, who is most decidedly an advocator of the Satan, or the Satan in another signifier, to come deeper into the forest, but he refuses.

Goodman Brown now sits and ponders whether or non to turn back. He hears the voices of the town s deacon and curate, and they talk of he Communion they will be go toing. Upon hearing this, Goodman Brown cries out that he will stand strong against the Satan. He so hears the baffled sound of voices of the towns-people. This is the devil steadfastly pressing Goodman Brown to give in to his immorality. Now the despairing adult male hears the shriek of a adult female and sees his married woman s pink hair thread in a tree and the effects of this stun him. Shouting out My Faith is gone, he immediately sells himself to the Satan. This call of his is meant to demo that his ain personal beliefs are gone, and what is left is wickedness.

The focal point of this narrative has many similarities to The Scarlet Letter. In both the novel and Young Goodman Brown the wood is where the Satan, dwells. In The Scarlet Letter, this is where the wickedness was committed, and in Young Goodman Brown, this is where the immature adult male gives himself up to the clemency of the Satan. In both of Hawthorne s works the enchantresss of the town are seen by the chief characters in the wood, and are on their manner to see the Satan. The wood is a definite representation of where evildoers meet with the ultimate evil force.

The name of John Goodman Brown besides has a significance. Then name Brown is mentioning to any human in general, merely like the name John Smith it can mention to anybody.

This is an of import portion of the narrative because it is demoing how the human, that are Christians, put up a wall against the Satan and his manner of life ( wickedness ) , but the wall is finally broken down, by our ain greediness- .

This narrative clearly depicts the belief that immorality will ever suppress good and that all world is basically evil. This is shown through a immature adult male s battle against exposing himself to the Satan s evil. He finally gives give up and goes evil. The Satan s topographic point of home is in the dark of the wood and here is where Goodman Brown s psyche is corrupted, as the Satan so clearly provinces, Evil is the nature of world. Right so and there it shows that John Goodman Brown had no opportunity of contending the immorality.

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