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Comparing Hamlet Agamemnon John F Kennedy

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Kennedy offers to the secret isosceles that pose a threat to the united States. He has done something that others disapprove of. All three men faced criticism: Agamemnon for killing his daughter; Hamlet for killing Polonium and having Restaurants and Guilelessness killed; John F. Kennedy for Cuba- related decisions as President.  He is a man of higher status. Agamemnon Is a king, Hamlet a prince, and John F. Kennedy a president.  He Is In the position of leader of his country.

Agamemnon is a king: John F. Kennedy is a president. Note that Claudia, not Hamlet, rules Denmark. He is unaware of who is plotting his murder. Agamemnon does not suspect Clytemnestra; Hamlet Is surprised by Learner’s poisoned sword: John F. Kennedy is killed by someone unknown to him. He guard the truth. Agamemnon and Hamlet Hamlet tells only Horopito the full truth, choosing not to confide completely in his mother or Aphelia; in his speech, John F. Kennedy suggests there are times when state secrets should be kept quiet for the good of the country.

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Comparing Hamlet Agamemnon John F Kennedy
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He is able to speak to the public with confidence. All three men speak confidently in front of others: Agamemnon addresses the Chorus pond his return; Hamlet speaks in front of the Danish court in several scenes; John F. Kennedy addresses the American Newspaper Publishers Association, and often addressed the nation.  He is murdered before his time, and therefore his death is loosely referred to as “tragic. ” Agamemnon and Hamlet All three men still had many years ahead during which time they could have served their countries.  His downfall is brought about by someone close to him. Agamemnon by his wife; Hamlet’s downfall is orchestrated by his uncle.

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