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Seol. the biggest traditional Korean vacation of the twelvemonth. is when household members gather and eat a traditional repast with a assortment of dishes which finally. leads to gorging. What drink is used aid digest all those nutrient. Sikhye. Sikhye is a sweet drink made of malt and rice that has been a traditional drink throughout Korean civilization. It was foremost introduced in a book on cognition of life called Samunsaseol in 1740. In the 1800s the formula was revealed in cook books named Gyungonyoram and Siuijeonseo.

There are assorted sorts of sikhye. Andong sikhye. Jinju sikhye. dried meat sikhye from Gyeongsangdo. dried Pollack sikhye from Gangwondo. halibut sikhye from Hamgyeongdo. sailfin sandfish sikhye. and yeonan sikhye. It is said that Sikhye was created in North Korea and made chiefly of fishes. powdered ruddy Piper nigrum. and radish. Then it was introduced in the South and alternatively of fishes. malt was put in. After that it bit by bit known to be established with malt and rice merely. Sikhye is a fermented drink made through forbearance. This drink was first rummy due to its occupation of exciting digestion.

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Sikhye is besides referred to dansul or gamju. While Sikhye is rice clout with rice drifting in it. gamju is rice clout without rice drifting in it. The celebrated drink is made by pouring malt H2O into boiled gluey rice to go forth for a piece to ferment. Then the rice is removed from the H2O and rinsed and drained. The staying H2O is boiled with sugar and ginger and served cool with the rice. The gustatory sensation of this refreshment is the malt that is used. Malt is besides important due to its nutritionary value. Sikhye is a natural Sweet drink made without any unreal sweetenings. This drink prevents nutrient from break uping in our organic structures and has anti-cancer substances. That is why it is of import to imbibe sikhye after a repast. Due to this fact. it was served to Kings as a sweet. The drink helps equilibrate the organic structure warming a cold organic structure and chilling a hot organic structure. Therefore it is good for diets and katzenjammers.

Sikhye. one of the most precious Korean drinks. is an of import factor in Korean Culture. With its reviewing while alone sweet gustatory sensation. it grabs people from different ethnicities. It is found in about every Korean food market shop. While its great while bought. it best when homemade particularly in Korea. In Korea. homemade Sikhye is of course made which makes it typical from other drinks. It is known to be one of the best drinks in the civilization. There are small ingredients that go in Sikhye. but there it needs a batch of forbearance to do. The ingredients in this refreshment are Korean rice. malt pulverization. warm H2O. caster sugar. ginger. and ache nuts if want to garnish.

When doing sikhye. what you need to make foremost is to blend warm H2O and powdered malt and go forth it for three to four hours until the H2O becomes xanthous. The following measure is to blend hard-bitten rice with the malt H2O in a little earthenware jar and maintain it warm for four to five hours. The temperature should be kept at 60 to 70 grades.

If it were lower or higher temperatures. it would botch the agitation procedure. After about four hours. open the jar and look into to see if the grains of rice are drifting and if they are. take the rice out of the jar utilizing a strainer. and rinse it with cold H2O and topographic point it in a separate container. Then refrigerate the rice. The following measure is to boil the staying H2O and add some sugar for gustatory sensation. Remove the froth that appears on the surface while boiling. After boiling the H2O. set it in a jar and refrigerate it. to do it cold. When served in particular occasions. pour the H2O in a glass bowl and put the natation rice and other ingredients for ornament. If need more sweetening. add more sugar. This is how to fix Sikhye and function it during occasions.

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