Kristal Water Marketing Analysis

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Welcome to our group’s presentation. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is NH ; the purpose of today’s presentation is to discuss the topic “Marketing”. I hope my presentation isn’t going to take too long and that you will find it interesting. So as not to waste your precious time, let get started right now. As you know, marketing is one of many important fields in business.

Marketing mix has ups including: product ( goods or services are available), price ( the cost to the buyer of goods or services), promotion ( inform customers about products and persuade them to buy) and place ( where goods or services are available). When the company wants to increase its profit through buying product, marketing mix is very necessary. Now I think we are all clear about what marketing is. So let consider the real issue: CRISTAL WATER. Let take a look at their background ; their launch for the product.

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Firstly, about the background: Cristal is a bottled water, it’s manufactured by a US company (HFTP). It is advertised as the purest water in the world and its target is have a healthy lifestyle. And here is heir launch: Cristal was launched last year in California. Its slogan is ” There is no purer drink in the world” and it’s sold at the price $3. It’s sold in clear glass bottles are in I-litter sizes. The brand name is Cristal is printed in large black letters on the label, with a picture of a waterfall.

And it is available in delicatessens and health food shops. But after 6 months, the product launch was a failure. Sales were 60% below forecast and very few people knew this product. The question is WHY? Let have a look at the places where Cristal and some competing brands are available. As we can see, Cristal is only available in delicatessens and health food shops while their competing brands are also available in supermarkets and convenience stores that is easier for the customer to find. And after collecting information from customers, we got this….

We have observed ” Cristal water” company with their marketing strategy and results that they achieved. According to my group’s opinions, this company applied the unsuitable marketing strategy that leads to the decrease of their market share and turnover when they launched Cristal water into the market. After collecting he needed information about their weaknesses, we strongly recommend the company to modify the method and set up a new strategy. Firstly, the product need to be changed. Because product is in the same sized, so customers have no choice.

We should produce a range of different sizes. In order to attract more, we ought to make a renovation about its appearance for example: change the picture, slogan, color… To create new impression on customers. Secondly, its price is $3, which is higher than most competing brands. Therefore, we should decrease its price so as to be relevant with every customer ability. Next, It should be promoted in the correct way. We can use many telecommunications such as: TV, Internet, magazine… To advertise product.

Especially, this company may buy online to save cost. PR ( public relation) is an useful tool to bring the picture of company to lots of people such as: meal/ community/ government relation, Investor, Atlanta, crawls management, sponsorship, event and internal communications. Moreover, company should provide a good after-sales service or discount for buying a large quantity of products.

Finally, product should be distributed in many places such as markets, supermarkets, stores, hops, delicatessens, schools or public areas…. O introduce to more and more customers because it is available everywhere, every time and for everyone To sum up, every corporation should do research about every market segments, business situation, customer behaviors and need to satisfy them.

We truly hope that those above ideas would change the company’s performance and get a good result to improve the sales of Cristal in the future. And that is the end of our presentation. We’d be very happy to invite you to ask questions at the end of the session. Thanks for your attendance!

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