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Kurt Cobain Suicide Note

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  • Pages 4
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    I choose the Kurt Cobain suicide note because I felt someone of his popularity should be harderto break down because we really don’t know what goes through celebrities minds. Even though Idon’t think that his superstardom had anything to do with his suicide. I don’t know much aboutKurt Cobain I just feel it is going to fun to give my opinions on why he decided to commitsuicide.

    Kurt Cobain writes in his suicide note that he has hated all people in general since theage of seven. That was the same that his father left him. We discussed a lot of things in class andmost things that were negative stemmed from childhood and for him was the hatred of peoplebecause he hated father. When he was growing up he most have seen lots of his friends and theywere with their father and that really hurt Kurt. I don’t listen to his music but I got some lyricsfrom some of his songs and they words he uses to describe how angry he is with his father is verynoticeable even with that strong rock beat. During some of songs he sings very openly aboutsuicide so that meant that he most of felt that way inside if he were to sing those words. Duringsome of the information that I gathered it talks about how he liked to write some of this songshimself. Know after his death people are starting to think that the songs he wrote we based onhim. In his note he says that he needs to be slightly numb in order to regain the enthusiasm hehad as a child. I don’t know what he means but I think it refers to drugs and when he says numb Ithink that he means high. Then he talks about how he simply loves people to much. This all goesback to his father not being their during his younger years. He loves people so much but itbothers him that he didn’t have it. Even in his last couple years of life I think that if he were tosee a son with his father it would bother him because it made him think back to his childhood. Ithink he had those thoughts running threw his head a lot. Another reason why I think that hekilled himself was his wife. I don’t think that she drove him to kill himself she just was the last staw he couldn’t take it anymore. The reason I feel this way is I read some articles and theymarriage was very shaky with quite a few visits from the police. Know one really knows whatthose fights were over but they were both big on drugs so most of their fights took place whenthey were high. Then I start to think about his daughter and wouldn’t that bring him happinesstry to fix your problems from the past. I couldn’t find out for sure if he was going to some typeof therapy but I would assume that he was with the problems he had. When he said that it wasbetter to burn out then to fade away I think he was trying to say the band was having some kindof problems and that also could have been why he decided to take his life. He meant that itsbetter to just disappear then slowly go away. The suicide not in the book is shortened I got thefull note on the computer and at the end he says his good-byes he tells his wife Courtney that tobe strong for their baby Frances. Then goes on by saying that life will be so much more happierwithout him. When he killed himself he locked himself in the room and shot himself in the head.

    This to me makes me think that he did want to kill himself for some kind of reason and not hedidn’t try to make it some big suicide that people could have witnessed. I don’t understand whyhe made those comments about their child’s life being better if he wasn’t around because just afew lines before he says he loves people to much. Then why would their child be better ofwithout him who can give the child the lovin that he was never gaven by his father. I think hemight be obsessive because he says he loves people so much and maybe he didn’t want to seetheir child grow up. It also could be that his wife was cheating on him and he couldn’t take it.

    Know one will really ever know because they had a weird relationship and that is proven just onthe way she reacted to his death. How does she call him names and mock his note after herhusband just killed himself. That just could be how they love each other though I really don’tknow. I would like to be both of their psychiatrists to examine the two that would be interesting Iwould even do it free of charge. Their are so many different things you could think about this butwe really won’t ever know why he killed himself. In my mind I think it’s because of his fatherand he didn’t know how to deal with it.

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