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Language Death!

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Language death refers to the process in which a language is endangered of extinction or more likely to become none spoken anymore with-in its existence environment. Although a specific language is considered died as nobody speaks it anymore; it is likely to keep existing in the form of records and documentation, however it is therefore considered to be non alive language when there is a lack of fluent speakers and the loss of its written forms.

The death of a language mainly occurs due to the existence of a dominant language or/and in a multilingual speech environment where native speakers of a native language shift to other languages as a cause of language domination as well as new culture introduction.

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Language Death!
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Also, the lack of public awareness towards language preservation could lead to its death. Language plays a very important rule in any society as it is considered as a heritage and a way of communication among the society; and when a language dies in a particular society its future generation loses an important part of their culture, heritage and traditions.

Therefore, there are different ways to preserve a language; one mainly important way to preserve a language is to teach it to younger generations in schools whom will carry on to encourage their children to speak it in a way that prevents its lost or extinction. Also, the internet is another important tool to preserve languages through the publishing oral history, documentations and usage of available functions such as translation, writings and catalogs of a certain language.

There are many endangered languages worldwide, which are in a big need of great efforts to establish a process of preservation. Also, it is important that all languages should be preserved either if there are possibilities of getting endangered, already classified as endangered or yet to become endangered should be preserved following the best ways available to preserve them to prevent its extinction and keep them as naturally as an important rule and/or reference to a certain society’s culture, heritage and traditions.

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Language Death!. (2016, Oct 19). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/language-death/

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