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What Is Language

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Language is a collection of symbols used to send messages to an Individual. 2. Language Rules? Phonological: Govern the way words sound when pronounced Synthetic: Govern the structure of language- way symbols are arranged Semantic: Deal with the meaning of specific words Pragmatic: Govern the way language is used in everyday interaction 3. What is affiliation, give an example Affiliation is when you connect or associate with someone or with a group. Communicators tend to adapt to others speech.

Ex- In gangs the members talk the same way, they use slang and they all interact with the same level of politeness and almost always use the same pace.

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What Is Language
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4. What is Equivocal Language? Equivocal words have more than one meaning or correct dictionary definition 5. How do Relative words acquire meaning? Through. 6. What is Slang? Give examples . . … Companion Language used by members of the same group or culture. An example could be repeaters or gangsters they have different word for some objects such as billing which means jewelry or whip which is a nice car.

. What is Jargon? Jargon is vocabulary used to communicate with people of the same background or experience. 8. What are high context and low context cultures; give examples. High context cultures value language as a way to have social harmony. (They talk indirectly) Ex- Hispanics, African Americans. Low context cultures they value language as a way to express themselves to state their feelings and beliefs in a clear and logical way.

They talk directly) Ex- Asians, Israelis 9. What is equivocation, and how do we use it in language? Equivocation is when a phrase can have several meanings or could be understood in different ways. We use it in language to avoid telling a hurtful truth to someone. 10. What are euphemisms? How are they used in language? Euphemisms are words that can be used to make things sound more polite than they really are. We use these words in language to make things sound nicer.

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