Leadership and Organization

To begin on the paper, we must first acknowledge the uniqueness of Joe Salatino and the way he has shape and trained his employees into being productive professionals - Leadership and Organization introduction. It was a must that Joe’s employees understand the importance of how people form perceptions and make attribution ns because it very vital to the company survival. Basically, when a sales person knows their perception and attribution, they can us their skill to decipher what their customers may think about them and the product that they are selling.

Forming a perception with the customer that the sales professional is competent and trustworthy will heighted the possibility of making a sale to that customer. This is considered impression management (p. 117). Mr. Salatino is a success business man. He runs a prosperous office supply company with very highly motivated sales teams. He pays them well and provides them incentives to sell even better with high salaries and lots of bonuses. Salatino has a great sales team because he has given the perception of the importance of their skill level, customer service, and self- motivation.

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He encourages his employees to find make bonds with his potential customers by requesting his sales team find out what’s going on locally, even if it goes to the extent of ordering the local newspapers to find out the news of that particular city were the buyers businesses are. Mr. Salatino allows the salesmen to observe the other sales people in action and gives them motivation to sell, by offering sales promotions to potential or current clients. It seem that this workplace vibrant and full of energy.

This upbeat atom sphere of this company allures other sales reps to respond by attempting to make more sales. The environment is a gold mind within itself due the positive and productive employees that share the same common goals. Learning theory used at Great Northern American The learning theory that was us at Great Northern America was the Operant theory. Operant conditioning would be most appropriate for Salatino to apply in this situation. With Operant Conditioning, people tend learn behavior one way or the other on their own.

Most of the time it is through observation, that an idea is then repeated. In this work environment, all employees understood that Salatino way of training was best for the company survival. Joe uses the Operant Conditioning learning theory at Great Northern American. He does this by allowing his team to mimic each other by making as many sales as possible and trying to always have a positive workplace. By using operant conditioning, Salatino develops great customer service skills, build relationships, and sell the products.

Also, due the type of learning, Salatino gave plenty of positive reinforcement to those that thrived within his company. For example he gave out very large commissions and bonuses. In order for the individuals to get these rewards or perks, they must in some way establish and maintain a steady relationship with the customers. Good employee morale can be directly linked to increased productivity in the workplace and operant conditioning can be useful in keeping both high. Salatino based this success of the operant learning process. His employees are just mere reflection of his own working ethics.

If Salatino even increased the rewards by a small amount, his worker would still stand up to the change and conquer the task at hand to receive the reward. Salatino is a brilliant and very successful business man, he knows how to capture his employee’s attention and make them thrive and succeed to their best ability. Self-Efficacy Salatino could leverage an understanding of the value of self-efficacy to ensure he hires the most successful salespeople by means of pick the ideal candidates to fit goal and ambition wise in with the other employees.

Self-efficacy is when an individual estimates his or her own ability to perform a specific task in a particular situation. The greater the employee’s perceived to perform the task, the higher the employee’s self-efficacy (p. 151). Employees with self-efficacy are usually are highly motivated and believe that: * That they have the ability needed to meet any goal (p. 152) * That they are capable of the effort that is require of them(p. 152) That they will not let no outside situations keep them from completing the task at hand (p. 152) Salatino can leverage the value of self-efficacy by working with his Human Resources department and employees individually or in groups. They can work together to develop questions that will target the desired behaviors from any given employee. When hiring sales professionals, one should make certain critical factor are assessed by their tests and weighted heavily as decisions are made regarding those that are hired.

This organization can utilize pre-employment testing and Human Resources Managers are generally skilled at behavioral interviewing techniques therefore the right candidates can be assigned to the job. Salatino could best use this knowledge by implementing such testing and by directing his human resources staff to conduct interviews that aid in determining a candidates self-efficacy level in regards to the position. If you want to be have the best employees, you have to go above and beyond normal standards to pick the right candidates. Yes, it may be a time consuming process but you will always get the best results this way.

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