Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership, Task 1 WGU

Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership
Task 1
Gail Hix
Western Governors University

Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership Task 1
A. Nursing Sensitive Indicators
Nursing sensitive indicators are factors in patient care that are directly impacted by Nursing. Nursing sensitive indicators are comprised of three groups, structure, processes, and outcomes. The structure of nursing care consists of the supply of nursing staff, the skill level of the nursing staff, and the education and experience of the nursing staff. Process indicators measure nursing care methods of assessment, intervention, and staff satisfaction. Outcome indicators are directly related to the quality and quantity of care provided by nursing. (Sauls, 2013). A better understanding of nursing sensitive indicators could have assisted in this patient’s care. Knowledge of pressure ulcers being a complication of bedrest would have assisted the nurse in preventing one for this patient. The nurse and the CNA could have worked together to turn and reposition the patient every 2 hours to prevent skin breakdown. The reddened area over the patient’s lower back would have been noted, and the patient should not have been placed back in bed on his back. The nurse’s awareness of restraint prevalence could have assisted the nurse in properly managing a patient on restraints. It is important that protocols are followed. The CNA should not be applying restraints without the nurse present. The CNA should have reported the reddened area on the patient’s back to the nurse caring for the patient and the nurse should have assessed the patient and documented the reddened skin. Checking the restraints every two hours for proper placement, visualization of limbs and extremities, and repositioning the patient would have also decreased the development of the pressure ulcer. Restraint use is shown to increase risk of injury for a patient. Increased risk for falls, fractures, and…

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