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The first smart goals I chose are to learn to become a leader and to have better time management skills. I chose these because I work on a small unit with no assigned charge nurse. Any day you go in to work it could be your day to be charge nurse so everyone on the unit needs to be able to step up and be a leader. Time management is a skill that every nurse needs to learn. In my opinion, if you have good time management skills it can decrease your stress level and make your workday more organized and enjoyable. Goal 1:Leadership development Goal number 1 is to possess better leadership skills.

I want to be able to step up on my unit and have the leadership skills necessary to help the other nurses on my unit. To accomplish this goal I will have myself and the other nurses on my unit complete self-assessments within a week to see where we are currently, and attend classes to learn better leadership skills within a month. Article Loretta Grogan, Author of “Leading the way” discusses a plan to help nurses and midwives become better leaders in their career. The plan has three classes that will help the nurse’s gain leadership skills that will stick with them throughout their nursing careers.

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The three classes include “Leading in uncertain times”, “How to be successful in my role”, and “How to be politically astute as a leader”. After the classes, there is an e-learning leadership and management resource pack. The last part of the plan is the national clinical leadership development project, followed by an evaluation. “Developing and acquiring clinical leader skills, abilities, and knowledge to fulfill the role and responsibilities of a leader for clinical care is a fundamental responsibility of all nurses and midwives in Irish healthcare”(Grogan, 2011).

Credible Website There are a lot of websites with information on possessing nurse leadership skills. One I found is “How to Become an Effective Nurse Leader”. It gives a list of qualities that a nurse leader must have, and skills that the nurse leader must do to be an effective leader. Things such as delegating tasks, making patient assignments without the proper leadership skills could be a disaster. A nurse manager has to effectively think of the skill level and experience of their staff, when making fair and safe patient/nursing assignments.

A good nurse leader must have great communication skills. Being able to make sure the staff is getting the information that they need to know on the unit is so important. The nurse leader needs to step up and be able to communicate clearly to all their nurses on the unit. This also goes with the ability to give feedback to the nurses in their work. Positive or negative feedback is important for the nurses so they can grow in their roles. Lastly the nurse leader should be able to create a positive nursing environment for the staff, that will help with the effectiveness and productivity.

I think this website lays out the qualities the nurse leader must have clearly and easily understood. Informational Expert I interviewed my old nurse manager, who pretty much gave me the same things I got from the article and the website. She said in order to have a positive and growing unit, as a leader you have to create a good unit or environment. Help to build good relationships throughout the unit to help build trust within the staff. You have to communicate with your staff. She prefers emails.

When I was a nurse on her unit, we didn’t have a lot of staff meetings but she always kept us up to date and informed with everything going on through emails. She said when she is making staffing assignments she puts staff together that she knows works well together and can help each other. She also mentioned the feedback, she said in order to build a strong unit, you have to provide both good and bad feedback. The nurses need to be assured when they are doing stuff that is right and good, and they need to be redirected when they are not showing the best nursing judgment.

She was an awesome manager so I know the things she has shared with me will help me to be a better leader. Goal 2: Organizational Management Goal number 2 is to learn to be more efficient nurses by learning to be better with time management. This will be accomplished by taking self assessments to see how their time managements skills are prior to taking classes and attending meetings and seminars on how to acquire better time management skills. The self-assessment should take place within a week. The classes and meetings should be within a month.

Article I found an article by Jane Redfern-Jones titled A process to ensure. It has a section within the article called Time is on your side with useful tips on how to manage time more efficiently. The tips are simple and to the point such as arriving ten minutes early to plan your day. Ten minutes does not seem like a lot but it is very helpful to have those ten minutes to get your assignments and look at your orders and try to come up with a plan. Another tip is making a to do list. This can also be done in those ten minutes that you arrive early.

Once you have this to do list, you can see which things are the most important so you can prioritize your patients. An easy but great tip is, learn to say no. If you do not have time to do something, do not agree to do it. Be honest and see if another nurse could do it or if it is something you can delegate to a tech. Agreeing to too many things can take up extra time that you could be spending doing more important things for your patient. It is okay to say no sometimes and that is what this author is saying in this section.

Two other ones are establish a system and consider the consequences. Building your own system is important as a nurse, building your own system. Doing everything the way your preceptor taught you may not work right for you, nurses need their own routines that will work for them. Website For the website, it pretty much goes right along with the article. It also gives ways to help your time management as a nurse. Arriving early is on this list too. A reason this author gives for being early is that if you are late you are playing catch up.

Prioritizing and delegating is also on this list. Another way to manage your time that is on this list that wasn’t on the other one is documenting as you do tasks. In my unit I see so many nurses that get done with their tasks so fast but then are planning catch up half the night doing all their documenting at one time. Time management is such an important part of nursing. 12 hour shifts seems like a long time, but it depends on how well you prioritize your time as to how long those shifts really are. Expert

I interviewed the same nurse manager on this subject too and she again verified what I had already read. Arriving early, prioritizing, and delegating were things she mentioned. One thing I really liked that this nurse manager did was she made a to do list on each keyboard on the unit so that each nurse would know exactly what task needed to be done at what time and what time things needed to be documented. Another thing she mentioned for the management side is don’t always answer your phone, sometimes it can wait. Answering can prevent you from doing what you are doing at that time.

This nurse manager was a wonderful teacher, and I feel I got great time management skills from her.


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