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The two smart goals I have selected are to acquire leadership skills and enhance time management abilities. I have chosen these goals due to the absence of an assigned charge nurse in my small unit. As any of us can be designated as the charge nurse on any given day, it is essential for everyone on the unit to possess leadership qualities. Additionally, time management is a crucial skill that all nurses should learn. In my perspective, having effective time management skills can reduce stress levels and improve the organization and enjoyment of the workday. Therefore, Goal 1 is focused on advancing leadership capabilities.

I aspire to develop the capability to assume a leadership role on my unit and effectively support my fellow nurses. In order to achieve this objective, I will initiate a process of self-assessment for myself and my colleagues within a week to evaluate our current standing. Additionally, I will ensure that we attend relevant classes within a month to acquire improved leadership skills. Loretta Grogan, the author of “Leading the way,” presents a comprehensive plan that aims to enhance the leadership abilities of nurses and midwives. This plan consists of three courses specifically designed to foster enduring leadership skills in their nursing careers.

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The three classes offered are “Leading in uncertain times”, “How to be successful in my role”, and “How to be politically astute as a leader”. Additionally, there is an e-learning leadership and management resource pack available after the classes. The plan also includes the national clinical leadership development project, followed by an evaluation. According to Grogan (2011), it is crucial for all nurses and midwives in Irish healthcare to develop and acquire clinical leader skills, abilities, and knowledge in order to fulfill their role and responsibilities.

Credible Website There are numerous websites providing information about acquiring nurse leadership skills. One website in particular, “How to Become an Effective Nurse Leader”, offers a comprehensive list of qualities required for nurse leadership as well as necessary skills for effective leadership. It emphasizes the importance of delegating tasks and cautions that making patient assignments without proper leadership skills could have disastrous consequences. The website also stresses the need for nurse managers to consider the skill level and experience of their staff when making patient and nursing assignments to ensure fairness and safety.

A strong nurse leader must possess excellent communication skills. It is crucial for them to ensure that the unit staff receive the necessary information. The nurse leader should proactively communicate with all nurses on the unit in a clear manner. Additionally, they should be capable of providing feedback, whether positive or negative, to help the nurses develop in their roles. Finally, creating a positive nursing environment for the staff is essential for enhancing effectiveness and productivity.

I believe this website provides a clear and easily comprehensible explanation of the qualities that a nurse leader must possess. During an interview, my former nurse manager reiterated the same points I found in the article and on the website. According to her, in order to foster a positive and progressive unit, leaders must establish a favorable environment and cultivate strong relationships among staff members to build trust. Effective communication with the staff is also vital, and she personally favors using emails for this purpose.

When I worked as a nurse on her unit, we had infrequent staff meetings, but she consistently kept us informed via email. She explained that when making staffing assignments, she deliberately paired staff who work well together and can support one another. Additionally, she emphasized the importance of feedback in fostering a strong unit. Providing both positive and negative feedback is necessary to ensure that nurses feel acknowledged and encouraged when they excel, while also receiving guidance and redirection when their nursing judgment could be improved.

She was a great manager, so I am confident that the advice she gave me will enhance my leadership skills. Goal 2: Organizational Management is focused on becoming more efficient nurses through improving time management. To achieve this goal, nurses will assess their time management skills before attending classes, meetings, and seminars that teach effective time management techniques. The self-assessment should be completed within one week, while the classes and meetings should be attended within a month.

Article I found by Jane Redfern-Jones titled A process to ensure includes a section called Time is on your side with practical time management tips. The tips are straightforward, like arriving ten minutes early to plan your day. Although ten minutes may not seem significant, it can be useful for organizing assignments and reviewing orders to develop a plan. Creating a to-do list is another suggestion that can be accomplished during the same ten minutes of early arrival.

Having a to-do list allows you to identify the most critical tasks, enabling you to prioritize your patients effectively. One useful suggestion is to learn how to decline requests. If you don’t have the time to do something, be honest and consider if another nurse or a tech could handle it. Agreeing to too many tasks can consume valuable time that could be better spent on more important patient-related matters. It’s perfectly acceptable to refuse sometimes, as the author of this section emphasizes.

Two additional tasks to consider as a nurse are creating a personal system and contemplating the outcomes. It is crucial for nurses to establish their own systems, as following the instructions of their preceptor may not be optimal. Each nurse should develop their own routines that suit their needs. The website discussed in the article offers further assistance in time management for nurses. One of the listed recommendations is arriving early. The author highlights that being punctual is essential to avoid being constantly behind schedule.

Prioritizing and delegating is also on this list. Another way to manage your time that is on this list that wasn’t on the other one is documenting as you do tasks. In my unit, I observe numerous nurses who complete their tasks quickly but then spend a significant portion of the night trying to catch up with their documenting. Time management is a crucial aspect of nursing. Although 12-hour shifts may seem lengthy, it ultimately depends on how effectively you prioritize your time. Expert

During my interview with the nurse manager, she confirmed what I had read earlier about effective time management. She emphasized the importance of arriving early, prioritizing tasks, and delegating responsibilities. What stood out to me was her practice of creating a to-do list on each unit’s keyboard, which helped nurses know exactly which task to prioritize and when to document it. Additionally, she advised not always answering phone calls immediately as it can distract from current tasks. It’s crucial to decide when to answer calls and when to dedicate full attention to ongoing work.

This nurse manager was an excellent educator, and I learned valuable time management skills from her.


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