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leading and managing care

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The aim of this essay is to reflect on the writer’s experiences in clinical setting by examining the leadership, management and team working skills used to promotion good practice during placement.

The writer will use the SWOT analysis attached in the appendix A, to self-analyse its abilities and potentials in terms of its strengths and weaknesses demonstrated during placement while exploring the different leadership strategies and approaches used in planning and delivering of high standards of care, the impact of clinical governances and audit in meeting standards and performances, and the effect of collaborative work within team and other multi-disciplinary teams in achieving positive outcomes.

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leading and managing care
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The strength, weakness, opportunities and threats encountered by the author are best describe by use of Scenarios, and new developmental plans will be explored to tackle the weaknesses identified through feedback and continued professional development. Finally, conclusion will be based on the summary of the key points discussed within the contents.The strengths identified for this essay are Good personal qualities through the delivering of a high standard of care, multitasking and excellent teamwork.

The weaknesses are fear of errors, organisational culture (unwritten culture) and poor communication (via use of I.T).

Five patient’s caseloads were to be managed by the writer. The duties involve carrying out review of care plans, drawing new health action plan, implementing the programs, support patients to attend appoints ( G.P, Occupational health, Physiotherapy) and involving them in community activities.Who is a leader“A leader is a person who can persuade people to do things they don’t want to do, or do what they’re too lazy to do, and like it”. [Harry, S., Truman (1884-1972) ;cited by D. Taylor (2014) ]
Most people lead at some point in living. Sullivan and Decker (2009), describes leadership as a way of influencing others at work…

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