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Learning A Foreign Language Opens Up Job Opportunities

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    Nowadays, that it is important for language learners that different learners prefer different learning style. As a result, it is necessary to know their dominant learning style. This essay will analyze about my several factors affecting foreign/second language learning including what is the result of my aptitude? Does it match with my English proficiency? What is my strength and weakness in English learning? And base on my motivation type, personality type, and learning style what would I do to improve my English? Firstly, the result of my aptitude is that I am an average sort of learner that I can manage. I sometimes require too much intervention and achieve middle of the grades.

    For part of learning, my strength in English learning is reading, followed by writing, and speaking while my weakness is listening. For example, when I took a test in listening test, my point is very low compared with the part of reading. It indicates that reading is still the best technique of my strength in order to learn English. Moreover, my dominant learning styles including visual, auditory, and kinesthetic that I have more than one learning style, but I have only one of dominant learning style that it can help me find way of my learning. Thus, I am a visual learner that it is the best compared to auditory and kinesthetic. According to Dream Dolphin Media 2018, visual style is learning that gain information from sight by seeing. I can see pictures and graphs to visualize that I am often especially creative. It is match with my English proficiency.

    For example, I got grade A in English Media Subject that I learn pictures and illustrations in English from video and books. Secondly, my motivation type is integrative motivation that I learn the language in order to integrate into a community that I speak the language and can obtain good grades at the same time. According to Deci (1975), the goals of students are to achieve a reward, such as, good grades if they are instrumentally motivated. In addition, for my personality type, it is extroversion. I am an outgoing person that I energized by large social groups. In the class, I prefer oral test more than written test, especially I like working in group in presentation subject. I am easily bored when I am alone. According to Good Therapy Website, extroversion is a personality factor characterized by the directing of one’s attention and interests outside of the self that extroverts obtain gratification from the people and things outside of themselves. Thus, it illustrates that extroversion is related with my personality.

    Lastly, in the part of the solutions, i can inform that how to improve myself to be better one. I like to acknowledge my flaws. For example, I often make a list of all my strengths and abilities. I like to get ideas from friends, family, and teachers who can suggest me about improvment of learning. Thus, I use my flaws to guide self-improvement. I encourage to relish the challenge of hard working and to recognize mistakes as opportunities for learning. And also when I have problems about learning English, I always learn by using the sort of imagery, such as, maps, flow charts and diagrams. When there’s too much text on a page, I tend to lose interest quickly. Thus, I will always visualize the main idea of hard thing which it is hard to understand. These are my best technical way to improve my English In conclusion, these factors are my ways in learning English that i have the good ways which are a useful problem-solving method to improve when i have problem in learning English.


    1. Deci, E. L. (1975). Intrinsic motivation. New York, NY: Plenum Press.

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