Lenguage Learning from the Best Education System in the Developed Countries

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From the day I was born my father always wants me to be the best person in the world I remember he was motivating us to do the best that we can do he always supported me, my brothers and my sister. By having a dialogues about my future he made me understand that the best education I can get is outside Saudi Arabia, in the developed countries. Most of the developed country speaks English as a result of that my father always wants me to speak flaunt English. I believed that and from that day I always want to speak English. One day in 2005 he said to me that we are going to travel to the United Kingdom. We were going to stay for one year because of his work so I had to attend a normal British school. At that age I was not able to speak English very well.

The first day I entered the school everyone was speaking English my classmates and teachers. I couldn’t communicate with anyone because of my bad English as a result that made me very angry and I got in to shock. Each day I wake up I tried to stay at home. When I attended school the first two months I couldn’t say anything. After the two months, I start getting used with the school. I really enjoyed the time because I start speaking some English with my classmates and it was perfect; everything was good for me. I asked my father to stay more at the UK, but because he had to do business in Saudi Arabia we went back. From that day we return to Saudi Arabia I said to myself one day I will be in the Unit ed Kingdom studying English. Since I believe that the best education I can got is in the developed countries I always was thinking about my English and when I have to improve my English. I remember one day about five years ago my family were eating dinner so I asked my parents if I can study English during the summer outside Saudi Arabia they said give us some time to think. My parents were very happy that I choose to do that. So after few days, my parents agreed that I could study English outside Saudi Arabia during the summer vacation.

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The families in Saudi Arabia pretty tight as a result my uncles and aunts got very angry about my parents they were saying how could you let a child who is 14 years old go into another country alone. My family tried to let them know that it’s good for me. The day before traveling I was so happy and excited seeing the UK again I thought that will be very nice trip. Normally when people are traveling they are happy and excited for what is coming, but from the moment I arrived to school I realized that everything in that place was different people, buildings, language. That’s got me in a culture shock. I went to my room it was so small that I couldn’t get any place for my bag. I couldn’t believe that I’m going to stay there for two months. The next 24 hours I didn’t contact anybody I tried to call my father few times to ask him to get back to Saudi Arabia, but he wasn’t answering my calls, couple of days later I called my father he answer my calls and ask him to get back to Saudi Arabia he said to me that I have to try more two weeks and I will get used with the place. I asked my father why didn’t you answer my call he said to me what I couldn’t forget until this day it was “one day I will be dead you will be alone” that’s really touched me and change all my life

I realized that one day I will be in the same position alone no one will help me. I settle down and take it over the culture shock. I start doing everything by my own cooking, cleaning up that made me believe in myself some people will think that what I’m saying is silly, but believe that was a very big change for me no one even my parents could imagine who my life changed by this trip. After I went back to Saudi Arabia, I notice that there is a very big different in me personality I started thinking that the main point of this trip is not English it was a plan from my parents to make me more self-reliance. Self-reliance was the main point of the trip that what my father said to me. I was in shock of how my father thought about that idea it is not common in our society. Until this day I could not thank my parents enough for what they did, but I will quote a sentence of my parents “the only two persons who want you to be better than them are your parents” that was what they always say to me.

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