How School Policies And Procedures May Be Developed And Communicated Essay

Evaluate how school policies and procedures may be developed and communicated. In my setting policies and procedures are developed and communicated on an ongoing basis. Various teachers are responsible for individual policies based on their experience, training and knowledge. Each individual policy is available in the school office for reference via hard paper copy or electronically. If an issue arises that needs discussion which is not addressed by the school’s policies, a meeting will be scheduled were all interested parties will attend.

At this meeting each attendee contributes ideas and initially a draft policy will hopefully be agreed. This draft policy will then be presented by the head teacher to the board of governors for their approval. If it is approved and falls within the domain of the national curriculum the new policy will have to be trained out to all the relevant staff and perhaps even parents and children.

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How School Policies And Procedures May Be Developed And Communicated
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At my setting policies are monitored on an ongoing basis and are updated where necessary. Sometimes the local education authority may require a new policy to be introduced to the school. Again all existing staff may require training to ensure the new policy is communicated and implemented satisfactorily which may involve communication with others such as children, parents or other professional bodies. In my setting policies are communicated in a number ways.

It can be written, for example classroom rules may be displayed on a poster and hung in a high profile area of the room. It can be verbal, for example the principal may present at the school assembly a topic of concern and what the school policy is for this concern. Letters and e mail, for example these can be posted to parents informing them of any new or change to current policy. This is often used when a written signed confirmation note is required back from the parents.

To conclude the best way to inform all of school policy would be a one to one meeting between the head teacher and the relevant people. Unfortunately this would be highly impractical due to the additional workload required and the time factor involved. Where the head teacher feels it would be of benefit to do a mass presentation to parents this is highly appropriate on a couple of occasions throughout the school year to gain parents attention but is important not to overdo it.

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