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LGBT Adoption Rights



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    One topic in particular that arouses many interests and different point of views are the justifications of LGBT adoption rights. Times are changing and people are beginning to accept the idea of same-sex couples being allowed to adopt orphans, however, it is not enough to just allow them to adopt, but to treat same-sex couples as equals to regular couples when regarding the adoption of orphans. Same-sex couples are constantly having to battle the adoption process now that they are “given” the right to adopt children. They have to undergo a harsh and complex examination before they are allowed to adopt a child while heterosexual couples go through a much easier examination. Therefore it cannot be justified that for the benefit of the adoptive child that same-sex couples have to go through a different and difficult examination compared to normal couples.

    As of now, there are still many critics who believe that same-sex couples do not have the right to adopt children due to the fact that they are both of the same gender. The critics believe that same-sex couples will have a negative impact on their adopted child’s life and have no means to be representative role models for their child. According to PlantingSeeds, same-sex parents actually are more likely to love their child and care for them with more love than normal couples do. This is due to the environment in which they grew up in and it allows them to know how it is to feel different from other children. Therefore, the child will live in a household that provides more empathy and love for their child even if critics don’t believe so. A fact that all critics can not argue against is the fact that the same-sex couples provide a home for the orphan. At the end of the day that is something that is and will always be beneficial for the child when they are adopted. This gives them a chance to grow in life and try to live a life that is different from the one they were previously given.

    LGBT adoption rights are very beneficial towards the cause of adopting orphans. An argument that could be used against this is that a child needs a role model from both genders rather than one in order to be physically and emotionally stable. However, according to Lifelong Adoptions, having two of the same gender role models are always better than having none. This is true because if an orphan stays in the orphanage, they won’t have any parent role model to look up to. When a child has no role models they have no one to strive to become or to beat, therefore leaving very little room for motivation to strive for success. Another beneficial factor of having same-sex parents is that they are more determined and committed into being parents who love their child. It is proven through the very process that critics created in order to make adoption by same-sex couples more complicated that the same-sex couples who do prevail show that they really do care for the adoptive child. This disproves the opinions of the critics who believe that same-sex couples do not have the qualifications to adopt children.

    Another argument that is brought up is that there won’t be enough love provided by a couple of the same gender. According to Pew Charitable Trust, same-sex couples actually tend to provide more love for their child due to their sympathy and how they understand what it’s like to struggle in the world. It is also true when the author, Rebecca Beitsch, said that love is love no matter what the gender. Many critics can not argue with that because love has never been generalized by gender. The definition of love would be an intense feeling of deep affection. This definition has no way to be referring to normal couples because it is in fact a feeling that is based on a person’s heart not their gender. Therefore, same-sex couples can and do love their adoptive child and should not be facing accusations such as them not loving their child.

    One major beneficial factor that same-sex couples provide when compared to normal couples are their tolerance towards their child. Due to their environment of ridicule that they lived in most of their life, they have more tolerance towards small things as well as a deeper understanding for their adoptive child. They understand when an adoptive child at first misbehaves and causes problems because they are not entirely comfortable with their new life. They are not used to having a home with two loving parents even if they are of the same gender. Due to the tolerance and open mindness of the same-sex parents, the child will more likely grow up to become a person with high tolerance as well as an open mind to many things. (HuffPost) It can be seen that if people look into how much a same-sex couple tries to adopt a child, they would understand the love that they want to provide for an orphan who has no one.

    Another major beneficial factor that same-sex couples provide for orphans are financial support as well as a home in which the child can live in. These factors have a great importance in raising a child because they have to have means to nurture the child as well as provide a roof under their head. According to Lifelong Adoptions, it can be shown that same-sex couples who are looking to adopt a child are usually more financially stable and have a home ready for the child. The same-sex parents are also usually older and more mature so that they are ready for a child and have the tolerance level to handle a child.

    Even with all these beneficial factors that same-sex couples provide, they are still struggling to adopt children. They are constantly having to face an obstacle which the process that it takes to adopt a child. Their process however is much harsher than the one that normal couples have to go through. It can be seen that this is just due to different views on parenting and the “qualifications” that are needed to be met in order to adopt a child. Fear of a child growing up different can not be worse than a child who grows up with no family. Not many critics can argue with that one because at least if a child is able to live in a household filled with love then they won’t have to be stuck in an orphanage with no family.

    Overall, people should reconsider the factors that they bestow upon the process when considering if the same-sex couples or normal couples meet the qualifications. If anything they should make it where it is equal for both side rather than one being easier than the other. Love is love and it should not matter the gender of who the parents are, but rather their care and deep emotions for the child. Love is after all genderless which should be the same when it comes to adopting a child as long as they meet the qualifications.

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