LGBT Rights Through Social Science

In the heat of movements and fights for LGBT rights, we have seen so many changes that has taken place, as historically, the society saw being either one of the LGBT as sinners and for that they were executed and discriminated against. The practice same sex relationship is still not accepted in Muslims and some Christian communities. Human sexual preference is a choice that people makes either growing up or later part of their lives, but it can be born issue or result of genetics and scientist according to Trotta D. (2017) “there was a study by Swaab D. a Dutch Neurobiologist who examining the brain structure of transgender men and women for similarities, and it was concluded that they have same nuclei of that of a typical female brain and vice versa.”

Any sexual preference is sometime choice people make either when born or later part or their lives, and this is because of their upbringing. In some cases, people sexual preference can be influence by their peer. For example, a person surrounded by gays can become gay or be bisexual, which is not always but can happen. The society has lots of influence on our sexuality as well too particular someone growing up in the middle of Muslim will not come out as gay and will try to suppress their sexual preference thought out their lives, as they have a fear of the outcome.

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Being interesting in LGBT identity, it was broadcast by BBC. that in a little village in Dominican Republic, a lot of boys there were born looking like girls and do not have penis until 12 years then they start looking like men, this tells you that being a gay or lesbian can be because of genetics. The fact that a person can be born with both sexual organs can take one sex which he or she prefers over the other sex. For example, a person born with both sextual genitals but looks more like a female with dominating male genital can decide to be a male. According to Trotta D. that another research by Ivanka Savic, a professor of neurology with Sweden’s Karolinska Institute and a visiting professor at UCLA found out through studies that gay men have a weekend connection between their two brain areas that process their perception of their self and body.” Even there is a research to connect a human sexual preference and their brains, but the date used in the research is not enough to prove the situation to be true. Time and funds need to be invested into the research for the LGBT researcher groups, and universities to contact a credible research on what are the connection between a person sexuality and their brains functionality, a person genetics connection to their sexual preference.

The LGBT society has been arguing for a while now that people either gay or lesbian is born that way, and it was backed up by a research from “Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children” this can be true at some point as children do not identify their sexuality until the age of 3.5 years according to Price M (May 2017). They use this argument to fight for and gained their rights in the society today. At the same time, I look at it that being gay, or lesbian is a choice we make in most cases as someone can be straight today and tomorrow decide to be gay, for example, Caitlyn Jenner. At the same time being gay or lesbian can be born too. One’s sexual preference doesn’t prevent them from doing anything to contribute into their community, is a personal issue and shouldn’t be used to judge a person. For example, Anderson Cooper contributed into the society through charities and supports foundation just like Elton John has AIDS foundation which supports people with HIV, AIDS. If the LGBT have all the rights they deserve to live a normal life, nothing will stop them from contributing their share into our society.

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