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Review of the Movie “Liar Liar”

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“Liar Liar” is a family comedy written by Paul Guay and Stephen Mazur, directed by Tom Shadyac and starring Jim Carey as the main character “Fletcher Reede”. The theme is set in Los Angeles California, and it explains the life story of the main character Fletcher Reede as a hard working lawyer as well as a divorced father that has issues with his life because of his compulsive lying. His priorities for his child (Max Reede) were very disappointing to him and his mother (Audrey Reede) which led the family to a tragic divorce and led them to seeing other people.

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Review of the Movie “Liar Liar”
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Fletcher Reede is the main character of the movie that is divorced from his ex-wife Audrey Reede. Fletcher is obsessed with his career as a hot shot attorney, and has devoted his life to bending the truth to his advantage. Fletcher enjoys spending time with his son Max but he can’t seem to ever be on time to major events and telling the truth to anyone.

Fletcher missed his son Max’s birthday party because he was having sex with his boss Miranda.

In this movie, there are many examples of deception; equivocation, exaggeration, lies, falsification and omission throughout. When we think of lying as a misrepresentation of the truth no matter what the intention we realize that deception is often a part of everyday social interaction. In this film, we come to view Fletcher as a serious compulsive liar. Fletcher’s uses his compulsive lying ability to make him a very popular/successful attorney. With his compulsive lying, citizens in the city of Los Angeles wants him to represent them as there attorney at court.

For example, Fletcher’s compulsive lying leads himself to an opportunity of a life time that could be a huge boost to his career that involves him to use his abilities as a defense attorney for a client involved in a major divorce case. Even though his client (Samantha Cole) has a serious greed for money and was obviously self-centered and unfit to her children as a mother, Fletcher still insisted on doing what he does best and that was to lie for Samantha so she could win the case against the opposition, but only if we could.

A couple days before, Fletcher missed Max’s birthday party which resulted in Max wishing upon his father to never lie again. Now Fletcher is in a very rough predicament because he cannot lie to anyone at all and is having serious issues in court trying to lie/defend Samantha Cole. Fletcher’s behavior in court that day turned his life around for the greater good. Max’s wish made his father a better person that day and Fletcher came to realize it as his day went on. Fletcher used a lot of omission; a form of deception that involves leaving consequential details out of one’s story; things he wanted to say about the case because he couldn’t lie.

For example, Fletcher left out of the court room several times to avoid questioning from the judge. If he would’ve told the truth to the judge Fletcher and Samantha would have lost the case. During the entire movie Fletcher exaggerated; a form of deception that involves inflating or overstating facts; and used equivocation; a form of deception that involves giving vague, ambiguous answers to a question to give the false impression that one has answered it because he couldn’t lie.

Fletcher tried desperately to delay the case, he included beating himself up, and tried explain it to the judge but couldn’t lie so the case was not dismissed but was postponed till later. But when the judge asked him about who assaulted him he couldn’t lie and confessed it was himself. As much as Fletcher lied before he had the nerve to get mad at his client Samantha because she exaggerated and falsified information about her age. He realized that Samantha had lied and therefore her signature on the prenuptial agreement was falsified.

This is an example of acts of dissimulation; a form of deception that involve omitting certain details that would change the nature of the story if they were known. His ex-wife Audrey couldn’t believe how much he had changed. When he said he was going to do something she didn’t believe him. Max told her his father wasn’t lying and that he couldn’t lie because that’s what he wished for the night of his birthday which is for his dad not to lie. Audrey was going to move with Max to Boston to get away from Fletcher and his disappointments he brought to the family with lies and start a new life.

Fletcher realized that he had changed and wanted to prove it to Audrey and Max. Fletcher then caught up to Audrey and Max to prove it to them which stopped them from leaving to Boston and give Fletcher another chance as a father. It depends on your profession if you should lie or not. In the profession of criminal justice that is how most are trained. Attorneys have to exaggerate and lie to win their most of their cases to receive a better pay cut.

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